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School set

SKU: 302304| Size: 34 х 37 х 5 sm.
    • Catalogue price: 500.00 RUR

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    This charity item was manufactured in the framework of the ""Let's prepare children to school"" charity action. The main idea of the action is to collect stationery and give it to schoolchildren in need, so that they can learn and acquire necessary knowledge and skills on an equal basis with other children. You can purchase and donate this item if you put it in a special container in Amway purchase center or Amway regional office. 90 rubles from every school set purchased will be transferred to Amway charity foundation ""responsible for the future"".

    The school set includes:

    1. Three notebooks in a cage
    2. Three notebooks in line
    3. A pencil case
    4. Two pencils
    5. Two blue pens
    6. A red pen
    7. A green pen
    8. A ruler
    9. A rubber
    10. Colour pencils
    11. A sharpener


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