10 reasons to work in the company of Amway

We value our employees

Employee is the main value in Amway.  The company acquires the best specialists and rewards them according to their achievements. We respect cultural and national differences, we provide an inspiring and friendly atmosphere and support optimal work-life balance.

90% employees believe in purposes and mission of Amway
79% employees are sure, that employees are treated with respect

We are guided by our values in everything we do

Amway company is guided by ethical values, established more than 50 years ago by Amway founders. So we expect from our employees personal responsibility, result-oriented behavior and we create such environment where personal value and the partnership are the greatest assets .

We are oriented on long-term growth and partnership

Amway business quickly grows around the world, overtaking other companies. We inform our employees about our Amway strategy, and it creates common understanding of purposes and motivates people for their achievements. We pay much attention to the open communications with upliners, when employees can share their opinions and ideas, make suggestions or ask questions:

  • Speak-Up Meeting - a meeting of the employees with the General Director
  • Open door policy in the literal and figurative senses
  • Regular meetings of the departments, team buildings
  • European and global conferences and events
  • Individual staff meetings with their supervisor
  • Regular surveys of employees’ opinions
  • Intranet
  • Amwestnik - corporate newsletter for employees

We welcome innovative approach

Инновационный подход – один из секретов успеха Amway. Научно-исследовательская команда Amway насчитывает более 500 ученых, инженеров и технических специалистов по всему миру. Благодаря стремлению к постоянному развитию и инновациям, Amway обладает более 500 патентов на различную продукцию. 

We provide opportunities for growth and development

We give our employees the opportunity to take responsibility, to make decisions and positively influence company's results. We appreciate their opinion, ideas and initiative. Amway takes care of constant training and development of the employees with the help of trainings, seminars, conferences, master-classes and e-learning programs.


We create engagement at global level

With offices in more than 80 countries, Amway is a truly global company. It allows us to keep stability of the business and to react flexibly to market changes. The international status of Amway provides employees with the opportunity to interact with people from different countries, to participate in the international projects, to travel and to open new career opportunities around the world.

More than 20% of our employees regularly go on business trips to the Russian Federation or abroad.

We provide good reward for results

Amway offers employees a good compensation package: stable salary, a prize according to the results of the work, medical insurance, investment in training, discount on the Amway products and much more. But money is only a part of our recognition. We also care about corporate culture, organize professional skills contests and award employees in different nominations.

We treat well-being and health of the employees with great respect

We constantly expand the list of health and well-being projects and activities and offer them to the employees:

  • Optimal You - the project, for everybody who wants to be active,  to have a healthy diet and to take care of the environment and their own health
  • «Family day» - an annual corporate event in the open air for all employees and their families.
  • «The race for success» - the opportunity to take part in the marathon, which we regularly organize or sponsor in different cities of the Russian Federation.
  • «Russia United» - the football team of Amway Russia, open both for men and women.

We pay much attention to environment and society

Taking carie about the environment, we have developed one of the world's first biodegradable products L.O.C.; we produce raw materials on our own organic farms without using chemical fertilizers. In 2012, we have launched a project «Eco-office », aimed to inspire Amway employees careful attitude to office resources and to teach them how to save water, electricity and paper. In all divisions of the company containers for paper and plastic waste were installed for recycling.

Amway is a great brand with great products

Amway offers a wide range of products of exceptional quality, which increases the level of people’s lives around the world. We are a recognized leader in the field of development and production of dietary supplement, cosmetics and homecare products. In 2008, the Nutrilite has become the world's leading brand of vitamins and food supplements. Artistry is one of the five most popular and prestigious brands for skin care and makeup. L.O.C. still remains the most multifunction cleaner in the world.