Active participation in social partnership projects is one of the priorities for Amway all over the world.

In 2003, Amway launched its ‘One by One’ Campaign for Children aiming at making a difference in the lives of millions of children around the world. Currently the program is gaining momentum. At present, Amway Russia implements a number of large-scale charity projects not only in education, but also in the field of medical care.

You can find list of news below:

  • Amway pays special attention to developing charity projects around the world. From 2003 through 2010, the company’s efforts helped improve the living conditions of 8 million children around the world. Independent entrepreneurs at Amway and the company’s employees spent 2.3 million hours of their personal time participating in volunteer programs and the program to help the children "One by One" gathered $141 million in donations.

    In the three years that the campaign "One by one" exists in Russia, we also managed to achieve significant progress in helping children. Since 2007 through 2010, we helped over 100 thousand Russian children. The donations comprised 76 million rubles. In this time period, over 10 large-scale projects in the field of medicine, education and social help to children were completed on the entire territory of Russia, such as: "Child’s smile" – a joint project of Amway and the Children’s foundation of UN UNICEF in equipping playrooms and sensory rooms; "Equal in sport!" – a project in involving children with limited abilities in sports.

    An important factor in doing charity is the geography of completed projects: the company has helped children’s establishments in over 50 Russian cities. Independent entrepreneurs at Amway are very active participants in charity: they organize volunteer drives, buy products for orphanages and acquire special charitable articles. In three years, distributors spent over 13 million rubles on "One by one" products, the revenue from which goes to helping children who find themselves in difficult life situations.

    Amway expresses great gratitude to all employees and AIE’s, who supported its charity programs, whether they were gathering donations, buying special products, a part of revenue from which goes to help programs.

    Amount of funds allocated for charity, millions of rubles:

    Let’s help children live better together!

  • For International Children’s Day celebrated on 1 June 2010, Amway launched a promotion action in the course of which buying NUTRILITE Summer Beauty Skin Care kit Independent Business Owners participated in the charitable project for support of children with congenital heart diseases.

    The funds raised as a result of this promotion amounting to 1.9 billion roubles were transferred to "United Way" Fund for purchase of sophisticated medical equipment for the largest clinics of Moscow delivering medical care to children with congenital hear diseases: Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery named after A.N. Bakulev and Moscow City Children's clinic named after N.F.Filatov. Though these medical institutions are of federal importance, they are always low on medical equipment.

    In autumn 2010, these funds were applied to purchase special sensors for invasive registration of arterial, venous and intracardial pressure. The sensors are used in operating room and intensive postsurgical care rooms for children's management with due respect to both medical treatment and general care after heart surgery.

    Surgical instruments for highly complex heart surgery were also bought for this money.

    On 24 December 2010, Amway’s staff members visited the Department of Heart Surgery and Intensive Care of Moscow City Children's clinic named after N.F.Filatov to meet the doctors who would use the purchased equipment. They also congratulated children with a coming New Year's Day and made their presents. V.N. Ilyin, head of the Department of Heart Surgery and Intensive Care, Professor, M.D., invited Amway’s representatives to see the department. As there are many infants from 0 to 1 year old and many of them are orphans there is always a lack of Pampers and other things necessary for baby care. Using money raised by Amway’s staff members during Family's Day, a corporate event, Pampers, feeding-bottles, bath products, wet wipes and many other things were bought. He also showed the Holy of Holies, an operating room and an intensive care room. "Children’s heart surgery is one of the most expensive areas of medical care which is not covered by national budget anywhere in the world. Thus, this area of medicine is supported by scientific funds or charitable funds as well as by business and private donors. Your company does good work. Toys are not so much important for us as equipment that helps us to save children's lives".

    Amway, doctors of Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery named after A.N. Bakulev and Moscow City Children's clinic named after N.F.Filatov, children and their parents express their deep gratitude to all Independent Business Owners who participated in this promotion for their help.


  • Consumer Rights 2010 Award

    Amway has taken part in the Consumer Rights 2010 Award, the first in the Consumer Rights Award series instituted with support from Russia's Federal Supervisory Service for Consumer Rights and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor). The award is designed to recognize the best projects in protection of consumer rights and raising service standards. Amway was awarded in Category "Trade Center". 

    At the ceremony of award at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on June 15, the award was granted to General Manager of Amway Russia Richard Stevens, who said that it was a very important recognition for Amway and the company was pleased that its standard of service had received such a high assessment. He also mentioned, that much of the credit for the award went to Amway distributors and employees.

    The Consumer Rights Award is a project supported by the Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications, OPORA Rossii (the All-Russia Public Organization for Small- and Medium-Scale Entrepreneurship), the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Union of Journalists, the Russian Union of Consumers, and the International Confederation of Consumer Societies (Konfop).

    After public voting, Amway Russia was put on a list of companies that seriously respect the rights of consumers and are responsible manufacturers of goods and providers of services.

    The jury included Natalya Agarodnikova, Head of Section at the Consumer Rights Department of the Federal Supervisory Service for Consumer Rights and Human Wellbeing; Alexander Borisov, General Director of the Moscow International Business Association, Adviser to the Moscow Mayor, a member of the Board of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Chairman of the Chamber's Committee for Consumer Market Development; and Valery Levchenko, Deputy General Director of the RIA Novosti news agency. Among those present at the ceremony of award there were heads of federal governmental bodies, professional associations, nongovernmental organizations and media groups. They included Sergei Borisov, President of OPORA ROSSII; Svetlana Mironyuk, Editor in chief of RIA Novosti; Pyotr Shelishch, Chairman of the Union of Consumers of the Russian Federation, a nongovernmental organization; Dmitry Yanin, Chief Executive of the International Confederation of Consumer Societies (Konfop); and representatives of award winners.

    Social Creativity Contest at Second All-Russia Festival of Social Programs

    As a socially responsible company that implements a number of large-scale charity projects throughout Russia, Amway presented its joint with UNICEF project "Child's Smile" at the Second All-Russia Festival of Social Programs (the Co-Action festival) and became one of the winners at the Festival's contest "Social Creativity". The purpose of "Social Creativity" contest was to find the most interesting ideas from the state, commercial and nongovernment organizations that served to make social projects more effective, and drawn public attention to a problem.


  • In February, March and April this year Amway and UNICEF continue to implement the project of opening of play and sensory rooms in different cities and towns of Russia.

    On February, the 15th , a new sensory room in the Republican Clinical Infection Hospital (RKIB) in St. Petersburg opened its doors to little patients.

    In March a grand opening of two sensory rooms took place in the Center of Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Disabled People "Rostok" and in Novokukin Center of Social Help to Families and Children of Zabaikal Region "Brigantina" with support of the Zabaikal region’s Ministry of Social Security.

    From 19 to 21 April, Amway and UNICEF visited Smolensk region, where three new play rooms were opened in district centers: in the Vyazemskoye Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors "House of Mercy", Novo-Nikolsky orphanage and Sychevsky Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors "Friendship".

    Play and sensory rooms were also opened in Severodvinsk City Children's Hospital of Arkhangelsk region on April, 27.

    The celebration of the rooms’ opening was attended by representatives of city and regional administrations, UNICEF, Amway Russia and Amway Independent Entrepreneurs.

    Georgiy V. Reva, Minister of Social Welfare in Zabaykalsky region, highlighted the importance of sensory rooms opening in Chita: "We thank UNICEF and Amway "for the implementation of such an important and good initiative. New sensory rooms will not only improve mood and health of children, but also increase the range of services provided by these institutions and improve their quality”.

    The most active participants in the commemoration were surely children - they gladly cut the ribbons into the play and sensory rooms and enthusiastically mastered the dry pools, slides, swings, they built houses made of flexible modules. Fun contests and games for the children were organized with the participation of guest animators.

    Amway Independent Entrepreneurs who live in these regions were not left the celebration unattended and were happy to support the project of Amway and UNICEF "Child’s Smile". They visited nearly all the openings and, as always, gave the children a lot of gifts, promising future support for these children's institutions on a regular basis.

    Amway Company expresses its sincere gratitude to all Amway Independent Entrepreneurs for participation in the openings of play and sensory rooms and to support the project "Child’s Smile"!

    The "Child’s Smile" project was launched in 2008. Until the end of 2010 it is planned to equip about 60 play and sensory rooms in health and social care institutions throughout Russia. There are already open and successfully operate 47 play and sensory rooms and three sports playgrounds in various cities of Russia.

    Amway - UNICEF rooms were opened in:

    St. Petersburg

    • Republican Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases (the village of Ust-Izhora, Schliesselburg shosse, 3, tel. / fax: (812) 464-93-29).


    • GUSO Center of Medical and Social Rehabilitation of Disabled People, Zabaykalsky region "Sprout" (Chita region, Chita, ul. Kurnatovs'kogo, 7)
    • GUSO "Novokukinsky Center of Social Assistance to Families and Children" Brigantine ", Zabaykalsky region (672,526, Chita region, Chita region,. Novaya Kuka md. ZPF, d. 64).


    • Vyazemsky Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minors "House of Mercy" (Smolensk region, Vyazemsky district,. New);
    • Novomykil's'ke orphanage (Smolensk region, Vyazemsky district,. Novo-Nikolsky);
    • Sychevsky Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minors "Friendship" (Smolensk region, Sychivka Str. Alekseevskogo, 9).


    • MUZ "Severodvinsk City Children's Hospital (St. University, 49).