We are extremely glad that the company’s mission - help people live better lives – are warmly met and supported by ABOs, who actively participate in social life and always help children in need. By their own example they show, what way business can serve the society.

All over the world Amway pays special attention to charity, especially volunteering programs among Amway staff and ABOs. Volunteering programs have always been very popular in all Amway affiliates. We are happy that Amway Russia joined other affiliates in volunteering.

You can find list of news:

  • From year to year, the number of Amway Business Owners (ABOs), who take part in charity events, grows. We really appreciate receiving letters with stories about help to those who need it most of all.

    January 14, 2011: Amway and its ABOs made another contribution to their "basket" of good deeds by providing assistance to the Oncohematological Department of the Rostov-on-Don Regional Child Health Clinic.

    Our ABOs have already provided support to the Clinic more than once. In 2007, the Oncohematological Department received, as a donation from several leading ABO couples, a high-tech anaesthesia-respiratory apparatus for intensive care of respiratory distresses; in 2009, a group of volunteers carried out a thorough cleaning of the Department facilities. Besides, Amway, together with UNICEF, arranged a well-equipped playroom where the children may forget – at least for a while – their sorrows caused by disease.

    Diamond ABO Alexander Dobler and his wife Lora donated a sum of 4,500 Euro (part of their Diamond Reward) to the Hematology Department for purchase of the needed equipment and medicines.

    "For us, financial assistance to the Clinic is a conscious choice, because each donated ruble contributes to saving a human life. If the required medicines and donated blood are available, and surgeries are conducted properly and in due time, children will get a chance to live a healthy and happy life. Donations help save real human lives, and this is the most precious thing", Alexander says with respect to his decision to support the Regional Child Health Clinic.

    In many countries, medical centers receive support from scientific or charity funds, as well as from business enterprises or private donors. In our country, expansion of traditions of sponsorship and charity is yet to come; in this respect, the active position of Amway and its ABOs makes one feel optimistic.

    Amway thanks Alexander and Lora Dobler for their contribution to development of charitable initiatives in Russia!

    December 09, 2010: As part of a joint Amway and UNICEF project, a sensor room opening ceremony was held in Kungur Municipal Child Health Center (the city of Kungur, Perm Territory).

    Mayor of Kungur and representatives of the municipal government attended the ceremony. The event, which was very important for Kungur, received local TV coverage. Marina Mezentseva, Andrei Maslikhov and Irina Shipulina, Elena and Oleg Padukov, Valery Sklyuev and Natalia Sakulina took part in the opening of the sensor room. Children’s armchairs, ottomans and toys (for a sum total of 25,000 rubles) were bought as a donation for the room. Our special thanks to leaders of the volunteer movement Andrei Maslikhov and Irina Shipulina; without them, the project would not have received such support.

    Besides, drawing books, coloring books, pencils and felt pens for a sum total of 10,000 rubles were bought as a New Year present for similar previously-opened rooms in Perm (in the Somatic Department of the Pichugin Children Health Clinic, the Municipal Children’s Neurology Department, and the Municipal Children’s Psychosomatic Department). Those who took part in the contribution are: Andrei Maslikhov and Irina Shipulina, Natalia and Alexander Afanasiev, Edward Zhuravlyov, Platinum ABOs Olga and Andrei Shirinkin, Tatiana Generalova, Svetlana and Andrei Krasnov, Olga Zubareva, and Alexei Kultyshev.

    December 18, 2010: A great volunteer event was held in the Urik Rehabilitation Centre (the village of Urik, Irkutsk Area). The Rehabilitation Centre is a place for children who have a difficult family situation. They stay in the Rehabilitation Centre for a certain period of time (until they are transferred to a regular Orphan Home or, if they are lucky, to foster parents). Irina Fitisova says, "It is not at their own choice that children stay in the Urik Rehabilitation Centre; it’s rather because of weak will on the part of their bad parents. One cannot but feel admiration and deep respect for the assiduous labor of the Rehabilitation Centre personnel. It’s just wonderful that the children are so sincere and communicable, in spite of all the hardships that they went through before".

    The volunteers conducted master classes in paper flower making for the children, played games (e.g. treasure-hunting using an "old pirates’ map") or just talked with them. The children took part in the games and contests with great enthusiasm.

    Elena Komarova says, "Regular visits to the Urik Rehabilitation Centre are a real distraction for our ABO volunteer team. The team was formed as part of the Amway Good Deed Volunteer Project, which we take part in and continue to develop. We are glad to see more and more people joining us".

    The participants of the "visiting event" are: Irina Fitisova, Ekaterina Fitisova, Irina Menshikova, Alena Komarova, Alexander Konstantinov, Andrei Istomin, Tatiana Botyasova, and Alexander Shterenberg.

    Irina and Vladimir Rukhlin help the Orenburg Children’s Cancer Care Center, where a sensor room and a mini fitness center were opened as part of the Child Smile Project. For the New Year, Irina and Vladimir’s team raised money to buy presents for children who were staying in the Center under treatment. The ABOs bought 26 presents.