Amway Globally

$ 8.8 billion

Total sales in 2018


valid patents


unique products


Ranked 42nd among major privately owned American companies Forbes, 2018

17 000+

employees all around the world

Our company was founded in Ada, MI, USA in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos, two friends and business partners.

Today the second generation, the sons of Van Andel and DeVos, head the company. Doug DeVos is the President of Amway Corp., and Steve Van Andel is the Board Chairman with Amway Corp/Alticor Inc.

Amway R&D

A global leader in scientific R&D

Amway R&D

A global leader in scientific R&D

Amway carries out independent scientific research and development to ensure that beauty, health, cooking and household products are of the highest quality.

Nature and science go hand in hand at Amway Research and Development centers. Our inventions allow us to preserve the useful properties contained in the organic ingredients grown at our farms.


patent applications


state-of-the-art labs

1 000+

scientists, engineers and technical specialists


In-house production facilities are the key to high-quality company products. Amway owns fifteen plants worldwide. Product ingredients are grown and processed in three US-based organic farming companies.

Amway also offers contract manufacturing for many companies from the Fortune 500 corporations in the USA list. Since 2016, Amway has launched production of XS tonic drink in Russia. In 2017, the company launched production of the G&B Baby product line in Russia.


production plants (globally) owned by Amway


organic farms


own factories, in India, Vietnam and China


production sites of the company have been located in three North American regions as follows.

Ada Township,


City of Buena Park,




Organic agriculture

Amway uses no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or plant growth regulators when manufacturing ingredients for farming. This helps us make only safe, high-quality products.

Quality Control NutriCert program

Scientists working for Nutrilite organic farms created the NutriCert agriculture certification program. This program fully complies with the company’s philosophy of environmental safety and enforces the implementation of brand quality standards for the farms that supply Amway with raw materials.

  • USA (Washington)
  • USA (California)
  • Mexico
  • Brazil


2 428 ha

The total area of our farms

30 000

tests per month

180 000

tests annually

are performed by the company's labs to ensure the safety of our products


Amway Company utilizes sustainable farming techniques to manufacture biodegradable organic products, provide consistent benefits for people and take care of natural resources and the environment.

GOST P 50595–93 Certification

"Surface-active agents. Methods to determine biodegradability in water."


Product formulas have been thoroughly tested for possible adverse effects to human and environmental health.

No harmful substances

AMWAY HOME™ products contain no formaldehyde, phenol, phenyl hydride or phosphate.

Concentrated formula

For 50 years, AMWAY HOME™ has been producing products based on the BIOQUEST Formula. All products developed from this formula are biodegradable and have successfully passed dermatological control tests.

Amway in Russia

OOO "Amway", the Russian branch of Amway Corp., was founded in March 2005

The Amway Guarantee

This is why Amway promises to support its business partners and customers with the highest level of service.