Home delivery

The order will be delivered to the address you indicated.

Order online and get your items without ever leaving home

  1. Order with as many points as you want.
  2. Choose your payment option.
  3. Choose your delivery address (you can choose one of the addresses where you want the package sent, for example, your partner or client's address in My Account/Personal Information and Contacts.
  • Price includes delivery to the door.
  • Delivery prices start at RUB 250.
  • Deliveries are made weekdays from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m.


  • don't have to wait in line,
  • don't waste your time travelling,
  • don't pay for parking,
  • don't waste gas,
  • don't lift anything heavy.

Payment options

  • online with your bank card (money is transferred on the same day),
  • bank or postal payment (money is transferred within 3 days),
  • through partner banks (money is transferred within 3 days),
  • QIWI terminals, on www.qiwi.ru, QIWI Wallet (money is transferred within 1 day),
  • Svyaznoy stores (money is transferred within 1 day).

Tracking order status

You can track your order status on the website of the transportation company:

Please note that information on the website is only displayed after the company receives the payment and its assembly is complete. If the order is made from the 1st to the 24th day of the month, it is assembled in one day, and if it is made from the 25th to the 31st, the assembly takes 3 days.

Delivery terms

Delivery terms for orders made on www.Amway.Ru, or through the client support group

Delivery process and rules