Amway has produced and released a few useful tools based on innovative technologies that can help you and your partners. Anywhere, anytime, using a tablet or smartphone - all the necessary information is always at "the tip of your fingers." All this makes it possible to develop your business at a rapid pace.

Amway Europe / Russia

Business App allows to operate your business online

Amway Kiosk

Quick access to brand or business information in digita l interactive format

Income Simulator

Amway Income Simulator for your mobile devices. Income with Amway: as easy as one-two-three!

Amway MyBiz

Web based application for business tracking and analysis.
We put the power of your business right in your hands!

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Удобная мобильная версия сайта

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Interactive tools

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Amway MyBiz Description

See where your business is going while you're on the move!

Amway MyBiz is a digital business management tool accessible on mobile devices and desktop.

This web app will provide a mobile-accessible, single global view into all your businesses on any Amway market in one user account.

Amway MyBiz key functionality features:

  • A featured Quick Dash to easily display PV/BV;
  • A brand new Line of Sponsorship (LOS) tool (both list view and circle view will provide you with not only your downline business info but also with a quick access to your contacts with the opportunity to make a call right from the web app interface);
  • Higher Award Tracking capability for ABOs with at least one qualified leg;
  • Brand new Action Reports so you can view Who’s New, Who’s Close, your partners’ Birthdays, Renewals and track your key downline ABOs on your Watch List.
  • My Business Income page with the detailed data on your Bonuses

By the moment the web app is available for Amway Leaders of Platinum level and above

In order to go directly to your account in MyBiz, follow the link in My Office dropdown menu.

Instructions on usage

Follow the MyBiz link in My Office dropdown menu.

Once logged in you will land on the Dashboard Page. Here you can see your business KPIs and their dynamics.

Here you can make your settings: choose the language, hide inactive downlines, hide your volume if, for example, you would like to show MyBiz but don’t want to show your volume.

In Amway MyBiz you can view your Business #2 KPIs with no need to log in to your user account associated with another market. You’ll see all the same KPIs in the same format for your Business #2.

This graph shows the data from the beginning of the previous Performance Year. Here you can track the trends upon the 2 KPIs: Group Volume (the dots show your Personal Volume) and Sponsoring.

By this moment Amway MyBiz web app is available for the Leaders of Platinum and above level via a direct link from Amway Online My Office dropdown menu

Internet connection is necessary for a correct work of the web app. We recommend to use the following Internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and up
  • Firefox 23 and up
  • Chrome 29 and up
  • iOS Safari 4.0 and up
  • Android browser 2.3 and up

Amway Online Light Description

More and more ABOs use mobile phones and tablets every day. Smartphones have become a reliable assistant in communicating and searching for information, in planning and business.

Following the trends in technology development, Amway has developed a handy mobile tool that allows control Amway business at any time and from anywhere in the world - Light Mobile version of website, designed for smartphones.

All necessary functions, interface and navigation adapted for convenient work on small screens of mobile phones, so now doing business online can be even more efficient and convenient, and the access to the information you need – much more faster.

Optimized mobile website allows you to use the basic functions of full-size website on the go:

  • ordering
  • products' demonstration
  • customers' registration and online sponsoring
  • "Business Center Amway" and "My office" (all key information about your business)
  • Amway Academy materials in m-learning
  • ABO Personal Page (if it was previously created)

Enter Amway website's address to the address bar of your smartphone's internet browser and ensure in simplicity, convenience and mobility of new version.

Instruction on usage

Light Mobile version requires a connection to the Internet. Start mobile internet browser on your smartphone (the browser icon may vary depending – here Android's interface is used)

Enter Amway website's address to the address bar of your smartphone's internet browser – – press Enter/Ok. System will automatically detect that you are using a smart phone and mobile optimized version will be opened by default on your screen.

Press "Log in" to enter website using your ABO's login and password.
Click "Register" to start the registration of the Client's account.
Anywhere on website you are, click on the logo to go to Home page.
Press to open navigation menu of website.

By clicking navigation menu of website will appear on the left side of screen. It duplicates navigation manu of full size website. Here you can find:
- search tool;
- products' categories of the catalog. Tap once on category you are interested in to view available list of subcategories. Click on one to open product list of chosen subcategory.
- "Start a business" and "About Amway". Touch to read more.
- contact form - ask your question; - language switcher. Press to close navigation menu.

Go to the navigation menu. Touch a category of products, choose the subcategory, and tap once on it.

You will see a list of products in this subcategory. Touch and slide your finger up and down to view all. Press to vie w a brief additional information about product. Press to open detailed description.

Detailed product description. Touch and slide your finger up and down to view all. Use to expand – collapse description text. Press to add this product to the cart.

Enter quantity and click "Add" - the product will be automatically added to your cart. Tap if you do not want to add the product to the cart.

Icon shows number of products in your shopping cart. Touch this icon to go to the cart details.

Tap to remove all products from the basket. Tap icon next to the product to remove this product from your cart. Use the Number field to change the quantity of the product in the order. Tap to add a new product to the cart by SKU/product name. You need log in using your ABO's login and password or register as an ABO's client to complete the checkout process.


  • Requires an Internet connection
  • Light Mobile version is available for most of the devices on different operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and in most popular mobile web browsers.
  • Light Mobile version was designed for smartphones, full version of the site is available on tablets.
  • Mobile Internet traffic costs and pages' loading time are significantly lower (compared to using the full version of the website).
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Amway Europe/Russia description

An application developed for Amway Business Owners working in Russia and Europe. Using the same user name and password you used to log in to, you and your partners can gain mobile access to main features of the site and control your business anytime and from anywhere with an intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

Application functions and features:

  • System of incoming registrations and orders and their status report, etc.
  • Production catalog that allows you to add products to your or your partner's To Buy List
  • To Buy Lists function which allows you to forward an order to another ABO or to place an order at
  • Company news section
  • Useful business materials
  • On-line Sponsorship feature
  • My Points feature with information on group and personal points, bonus levels and other personal information over current and three previous months
  • Useful links to LoS card (for tablets only), Amway Academy and other official applications and company resources
  • My Clients* function with detailed information on current clients and new registrations
  • On-line orders history with status and detailed information, as well as your Incoming Orders from your partners and clients.
  • My Business partner function allows you to create a convenient list of your partners containing detailed information, contacts and notes
  • My Recommended Production Bundles function allows you to view statistics on created Recommended Bundles and share it with your partners and clients*
  • Amway Events Business Calendar informs you about important events and actions and synchronizes your Business Calendar with your personal calendar on the device**
  • The Active Discounts function provides information about earned and available discounts (you can find additional information on active discounts program here >)
  • Information about your international business
  • * Функция «Мои Клиенты» доступна только НПА, зарегистрированным в налоговых органах
    **только для устройств на базе iOS

    Инструкция по использованию

Launch the app by clicking the icon on your device desktop. An Internet connection is required for the app to run. Using a Wi-Fi connection is advised.

Logging in. Choose the necessary settings in the drop-down menu: country, language. Enter your login and password you use for Amway site of the chosen country. If your partners do not yet have a login and a password, they will have to register their ABO account using their ABO number as Login and their pin code as Password when logging in to the Amway site for the first time.

Synchronization process will begin. Please do not turn off your device and wait till it is over.

When synchronization is complete, the main page of the application will be displayed. The app is ready.

Navigation. On the main page you will find (here is an example of the app running on a tablet):
- Information about your current points, a news block and your To-Buy Lists created earlier.
- The home page button. Wherever you are in the app, tap this once to return to the main page.
- Navigation over available functions and sections. Tap the menu and stile up or down to see all the sections.
- Tap a function icon once to launch it.

Notifications. A red label with a number on the icon is the number of new, unread notifications. A notification list is available. Unread notifications are in bold and marked Unread. Tap a notification to read it, the notification will be marked as read.

Tap, hold and strongly swipe down, then release to update the Notifications section.

News. The news published on the site here> are also displayed in this section. Scroll the list up or down to see the latter news. Tap, hold and strongly swipe down, then release to update the News section. Tap a header to read an article. The text will appear on the right. Slide the text page up and down to see the rest of the article.

Business Materials. You want to represent the Company, explain how it works and draw attention to incredible business opportunities available to everyone. Here you can find additional sponsorship materials – four introductory videos and two brochures: Your Opportunities with Amway and Your Future with Amway. You can find additional information about the materials here>. Tap a material icon to start download. Wait until the download is complete, the icon of the material will turn inactive (gray).

Download all the materials. You only need to do it once (if an icon turns green again, then the material is updated and must be downloaded again). Now the materials are ready – tap an icon to view a material.

Sponsorship. Here you can find everything about your on-line invitations to become Amway Business Owners. You can find the same information on the site here >. Scroll the list up and down to see everything. Also here you can see your invitations status indicated by color and a brief text. Possible invitation statuses: Invitation sent, Registration started, Amway database registration processing, Amway database registration approved, Amway database registration denied, Account created.

Tap, hold and strongly swipe down, then release to update the Sponsorship section. Tap Maximize to access search filters.

Use search filter settings to find invitations or enter a request number do go to it directly. Tap a header to view the details. The information will be displayed on the right: invited person name, email, contract number (displayed when the registration is approved), request number (used to contact the support), date, status and status history.

Slide down to the bottom of the invites list. Tap Invite a Newbie to send an invitation. When you see an invitation form, fill it out and send the request.

My Points. Here you can find information on group and personal points, bonus levels and other personal information over current and three previous months Slide down or use the buttons to browse information about other periods. Tap Update to update the section.

Amway Applications. Direct links to your LoS card and Amway Academy. Tap to go. Amway Academy and LoS card will display in your device web browser. In addition, links to other Amway apps are also available here – tap one of them to proceed to the download page. If an application is already installed, tapping the link will lunch it.

My Clients (only available to ABOs registered in tax administrations). In My Clients List section you can find information about your clients and their activity on the site. Tips on My Clients List screen. Scroll the list up and down to see everything.

Tap My Clients List screen, hold and strongly swipe down, then release to update the News section. Use additional search filters to sort clients by last site visit or order date. You can find a client by typing his Number in. Tap the Client in the list to learn additional information.

Login. Your client uses it to access the site. If your client forgets his login, they will contact you so you can get it from this section and remind them. Registration date, last visit date, total visits, Client personal information – as long as they were stated by the client during registration or later (email, phone number, birth date, delivery address). Tap to temporarily block a Client's accoun t (tap again to unblock). While the account is blocked, a Client won't be able to send you orders. Tap to permanently delete a Client's account. Client will not be able to access the site anymore. Tap to send a personal comment about a client (only you will be able to see it) to keep their preferences and interests to offer production that my interest them.

Client Registration section contains information about failed or canceled orders. You can use this information to contact a potential client and help them complete registration or contact the company to solve any problems during registration. Tap the Client in the list to learn additional information.

My Business Partners. Create a convenient list of your partners and additional information or view and edit previously created ones. Tap a name to go to a Business Partner. Tap to edit the data. Tap to delete. Tap to add the information t o the Contact List (the Phone Book) on your device.

Tap Add to add a new business partner. Add your Partner's contract number and their last name. Tap Accept to add the partner to the system. After a successful check add additional information and tap Save. This function is also available on the site here >.

Recommended Product Bundles (only available to ABOs registered in tax administrations). Review information, views and orders statistics on previously created Recommended Bundles (you can create a new bundle only on the site, additional information is available here>). Share your Bundle links with your partners, friends and clients – tap to send a Bundle link via any convenient method or to publish them in a social network.

My Business Calendar. To display your calendar, you will have to subscribe to it first. You only have to do this once. Tap Add.

Here you can review information about company events. Use arrows to review other periods. Event information will be automatically added to your device calendar – you can review and set notifications via your device functions. You can always delete the Business Calendar from your device. To do that, tap Delete (if you delete the application without deleting the calendar information, the event data will stay on your personal calendar on the device).

Active Discounts. Follow information about your available active discounts. Information from this section is also available on the site here >.

Settings. Tap Synchronize to update the application data. Tap Quit to leave the account if you have finished working with the application or want to log in using another country (in case of managing international business). If you want to change the language of the application, choose a language from the drop-down menu.

The Amway Europe/Russia application costs 33 rub. All income from the application goes to the Amway One by One program.

Required version:

— iOS 5 or later

— Android 2.2 or later

App size:

— 16.8 MB for iOS

— 4.2 MB for Android

The app requires Internet connection for synchronization (Using a Wi-Fi connection is advised). An off-line mode will be available soon.

How to download an app to your device

We live in the age of smartphones. They have gone a long way from being just means of communication. Now they are our personal assistants: they compile our to-do lists, inform, coordinate, entertain and help us in thousands of everyday tasks. Thus, it is only logical that the mobile technology market develops with the mobile phone market.

A mobile application is a phone program. It can be anything depending on the tasks facing the developer. A mobile application is an adapter that allows you to communicate with different information.

Mobile applications are specifically developed for various mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Amway applications are compatible with two most popular platforms, iOS and Android.

If you have an iOS device, you will need an Apple ID and Internet access to install the app. (using Wi-Fi connection is advised).

If you have an Android device, you will need a Google account and Internet access to install the app (using Wi-Fi connection is advised).

Instruction on downloading

If you have already used the App Store and you already have your Apple ID, follow the familiar steps. Log in to the App Store on your device.

Type the app name in the search field (Amway Kiosk, Amway Augmenter or Amway Europe/Russia) and you will find the desired Amway app.

Tap Free, then Install, if the app is free. Otherwise, tap the price tag, then approve the transaction and begin the download.

The installation process will begin.

After the application is downloaded, tap Open to launch the app or launch it later – the icon app will now be available on the desktop. Tap it to launch the app.

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Learn which Amway on-line business resources may be useful to you.

Bodykey platform

The core of the Bodykey program is unlimited access to the on-line platform, where the special bodykey NUTRILITE™ team of scientists and experts on nutrition and fitness are eager to help, guide and support you interactively on your way to your optimum shape.

iCook community

Any Internet user can be a guest or a user of the iCook community. After quick registration, you will get access to the wide functionality of the site, i.e. adding new recipes, participate in competitions (by stating your ABO number during registration), meet new people and much more.

ARTISTRY brand micro site

A stylish look, renewed product portfolio, a link to the Virtual Makeup Studio and much more: this site is an excellent assistant and guide through ARTISTRY.

The XS Brand Microsite

The website is dedicated to the XS brand, which was born in sunny California and has gained popularity in dozens of countries worldwide. Now, it has reached the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan! The website presents in detail all information about the brand, brand manuals, and interactive materials. Go to the XS microsite and charge yourself up with positivity, liveliness, and energy!

"Responsible for the Future"

The resource is dedicated to the Amway Responsible for the Future charity fund. The fund, established in 2013, aims to make the world cleaner and better, and to make future generations happier and healthier, living in harmony with themselves and the others. The site contains a lot of information about the fund, questionnaires and ways to help.

The Wash with Amway Home Interactive Assistant

The Wash with Amway Home online assistant. The following functions are available in the online version:

  • a detailed recommender for selecting laundry detergents that takes into account the textile type, color, and degree of soiling to help you choose the best laundry detergent and determine the amount to use ;
  • useful tips on washing a variety of clothing;
  • the option to add your choice of products to the cart in one click.

This recommender will help you get to know a wide line of Amway HOME Amway HOME products and make your presentation even more colorful and modern for your partners.

Online Advisors for Selecting NUTRILITE™ and ARTISTRY™ Skin Care Products

These tools are designed to help Amway Business Owners and their customers to choose exactly the right NUTRILITE™ and ARTISTRY™ products from among the great variety of available products.

Advantages of these tools are:

  • formatted as a questionnaire, which makes product selection more individual and personalized
  • resolve specific tasks and the body’s individual needs;
  • can immediately order a recommended product;
  • visual demonstration of the skin’s state of health (the ARTISTRY™ skin-care product recommender);
  • can email the recommendations;
  • additional working area just for ABOs (the NUTRILITE™ product recommender).

We hope that these tools will be reliable advisors for your business.

Get to know our social network communities

Learn more, communicate, and follow the latest news about Amway products.

NUTRILITE — The Territory of Health

  1. Be the first to learn of and take part in a range of interesting sporting events, including those supported by NUTRILITE.
  2. We will help you promote your activities and events.
  3. Experts in healthy eating will always help you and will answer any question.
  4. You can win many valuable and useful prizes in NUTRILITE contests and quizzes.

The pages of these communities have only the latest, up-to-date news:

— the whole truth about healthy eating and lifestyle

— interesting and worthwhile ways you can spend time with your family

— practical recommendations for fitness and a healthy diet

— news from the world of NUTRILITE

All of this and more awaits you on the pages of our communities!

Subscribe to NUTRILITE — The Territory of Health and become an opinion leader today!


The official groups XSNation.rus on VKontakte and Facebook, and xsnation_rus on Instagram are the brand’s drive and energy, and are everything that’s interesting about the muchanticipated, greatest innovation of the year! We inspire our subscribers to live a life full of adventure and we share information on the events and achievements of XS brand representatives, photos of ABOs, and much more. We share our boost of positive energy with XS users from countries around the world, and invite you to share your photos. Join us and ride the wave of taste, drive, and positive energy!

ARTISTRY — Beauty in the Details

In our official groups ARTISTRY — Beauty in the Details, you’ll be able to find all information about the latest products from the ARTISTRY series, special promotions and offers, current developments in the world of beauty and style, expert advice on skin care, make-up, creating a unique look that is just right for you, and much more!

« ARTISTRY — Beauty in the Details is your guide and assistant to reveal the most hidden secrets about beauty.

Every day you will be offered fresh news, vivacious communication with interesting people, who, just like you, derive inspiration from beauty!

To make it fast and easy, find the ARTISTRY — Beauty in the Details community using the hashtags #ARTISTRYКрасотавдеталях and #ARTISTRY (for and Instagram).

AMWAY Home Expert

On the group AMWAY Home Expert, you’ll find plenty of interesting information:

 —new ways to use cleaning products to make your house clean and cozy ;
 — how AMWAY takes care of people’s health and well-being while being gentle on the environment;
 — AMWAY’s expert advice ;
 — all details about new household products.

Here you can also share your experience of using your favorite products, tell about your home, ask any questions of interest to you, and take part in contests and win valuable prizes.

Join now!

Amway Academy in Social Media

The Amway Academy official groups offer you regular news of professional-development opportunities with Amway, announcements of new classroom and remote programs, events, contests, surveys, discussions, and much more! Join us and always stay up to date on news from Amway Academy!

Use the hashtag #AmwayАкадемия to look through all the news and find Amway Academy groups

Amway official blog

Company news blog The latest news, events, information about company brands, useful videos and much more. You can discuss news in comments or on the forum and share it on social networks.


With this tool you can get the schedules for mini-presentations held by product consultants, for open presentations held by Company coaches, and for genetic tests conducted at Amway Training Centers.

Watch a small video tutorial available on the tool’s homepage to learn more about this tool and enhance your user experience.

Services Map

The interactive delivery map shows all product delivery options in Russia! The map is very easy to use: Just hover over the region or city you’re interested in, and the pop-up window displays all product delivery options in that area, including the addresses of the nearest malls.

Use the map right now and save your time and money!

Delivery Calculator

Enter the anticipated size of your order, delivery region, and payment method, and you’ll get the approximate delivery cost for your order.

Use the Calculator to choose the home delivery options that are best for you right now! Site Map

We’ve launched a site map to make navigation on our websites faster and more convenient. The site map contains a section’s structure; its content varies depending on the type of user—Website Guest, Amway Customer, or Amway Business Owner.

Amway Income Simulator description

Show your prospects what approximate income* they could get with Amway!

The Income Simulator shows very visually the approximate income opportunities one gets with Amway.

You just need to imagine the amount of income you would like to receive in Amway monthly and choose an appropriate way of achieving this goal – and the program will show you how to do it!

The app is very easy to use and shows all the main rewards available to ABOs below Platinum in accordance with Amway Sales and Marketing Plan.

Now wherever you meet a prospect you can easily show him Amway income opportunities in a very smart and clear way!

Amway Income Simulator is a web app, accessible on mobile devices and desktop.

Income with Amway: as easy as one-two-three!

Instructions on usage

In order to open the Income Simulator just follow the link below or copy it and paste into the address bar of your web browser:

If you want the app to be under your fingertips all the time – save the link as a Bookmark or add the shortcut to the home screen of your mobile device.

Amway Income Simulator app consists of three units which shows three possible ways of getting income:

  1. Retail profit
  2. Performance Bonus
  3. Business Building

Moving the cursor sliders in each unit, you can see how product selling, servicing your customers and business building influence the monthly and yearly income volumes.

Tap «Begin» button

Read the disclaimer notification attentively. Press “Continue” if you agree with it.


Start with getting the retail profit from your sales to the end buyers

Move the sliders to see what number of buyers and sales you need to have to reach your desirable income.

Tap as it is shown on the screenshot to get some more information. If you are using a mobile device, tap the dotted lined text.

Tap as it is shown on the screenshot to go to expand the next unit

In addition to your retail profit you can get a Performance bonus and Customer service bonus

Moving the sliders, you can see how your personal monthly orders, number of your end buyers and registered customers per month and average volume per one sale can influence your monthly and yearly income.

This unit will show you how many products you need to sell to generate the shown turnover. You can select a certain product line or keep “all products” to see the mix of different products.

Use the switch as it is shown on the screenshot to figure out how the income amounts are influenced by your business nature. PLEASE NOTE: The option is available in Russian market only.

Tap as it is shown on the screenshot to expand the next unit

Build your business team and get more bonuses.

Besides moving the sliders from the previous tab, you can move the Sales per leg sliders as well to see how business building and growth of the legs can increase your income

These amounts show the income of an ABO up to the Platinum level according to Amway Sales and Marketing plan. Beginning from the Gold level you can qualify for additional bonuses and awards according to the Growth Incentive Program. You can learn more about it from your Sponsor and at Amway online websites.

Did your future partner get inspired with the shown income opportunities? Is he ready to become an ABO? Go register him right from the web app then! To do so tap as it is shown on the screenshot.


Amway Income Simulator is available as a web app.

Required web browser versions:

  • Google Chrome 50 and up
  • Safari 10 and up
  • Opera 42 and up
  • Internet Explorer 11 and up
  • Firefox 50 and up
  • Microsoft Edge 38 and up