Qualification conditions of FOUNDERS PLATINUM

Additional opportunity to achieve Founder Platinum Leader qualification in 2019-2020 Performance Year.

Since November 2019, and only as part of the current Performance Year (2019-2020), an additional opportunity is available to achieve the qualification of Founder Platinum Leader in 2019-2020 PY.


💥To achieve DO NOT less than 10 qualified (Q) months* in the current 2019-2020 PY and 120,000 Group points** for all 12 months of the current PY.

This option is in addition to the two usual ways of achieving this qualification, which are as follows:

1) 12 qualified (Q) months of the Performance Year.

2) DO NOT LESS than 10 qualified (Q) months and 144,000 Volume Equivalency (VE). This Volume can include the total downline in-country volume including any downline Silver Producer, Gold Producer, Platinum without any limits.

Set ambitious goals and be successful with Amway!

* Qualified (Q) Month is the month in which the Silver Producer level is reached in one of three ways:

- Generate Award Volume of 10,000 (PV) in one month or,

- Personally or Foster sponsor a 21% Leg and maintaining Award Volume of 4,000 PV in the same month or,

- Personally or Foster sponsor two or more 21% Legs in any one month.

**Group Volume is a sum of Points Value for all products acquired by Leader, Leader’s customers and Leader’s downlines per calendar month.