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LOC™ Multipurpose Cleaner AMWAY HOME™

SKU: 0001
Weight/volume: 1 l

    Amway’s top selling all-round product for everyday surface cleaning. From naturally derived ingredients, it cuts through dirt and grim effortlessly leaving a streak free shine on all surface types. Highly concentrated, versatile enough to be mixed in either a pistol grip sprayer or bucket.

    More than 5%, but less than 15% of anionic surfactants, non-homogeneous surfactants.

    Can be used on all floor surface surfaces except untreated wood. In the bathroom it can be applied to baths, glazed tiles, sinks, showers, toilet and marble. In the kitchen it will clean most counters, cooker hobs, wall cabinets, sinks and fridges. Additional household surfaces include washable walls, doorknobs, telephones, waste bins and painted woodwork.