ARTISTRY™ Dermasonic Multifunctional skin care device
Do you want to get more effect in caring for yourself? Make your care program work and enjoy the result!
We introduce you ARTISTRY ™ high-tech solution:
ARTISTRY™ Dermasonic Multifunctional skin care device at-home use. It is designed for deep peel-off clarifying and maximizing the effect of skin care products.
Deep skin cleansing and removal:
dark spots
make-up traces
dead cells
Cleansing regime is based on the technology of ultrasonic vibrations. Device generates 30,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second.
Moisture turns into an aerosol, penetrates into the pores, loosens the epidermis and removes sebum.
Used with serum ARTISTRY™ in 5 mods:
wrinkle removing
vitamin C
skin tone smoothing
Due to low galvanic current effect and voltage on ionic particles of biologically active serum substances, it strengthens the action of serum that allows ionic particulars to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin.
Serum is a concentrated product, on a water basis mainly.
Comparing to cream, it penetrates into the deeper skin layer, delivering the required amount of active substances in the most available form.
Not all molecules of biologically active substances penetrate deep skin layers.
60 - 120 minutes
Serum actively penetrates the intercellular space
1 - 1,5 minutes
Reviews about the Program «6 weeks of complex care»
«6 weeks of complex care» Program and ARTISTRY ™ Dermasonic Multi-functional skin care device are tailor-made to meet the needs of your skin and get visible results in just a few weeks.
Within 6 weeks, our participants used one of the complex care programs.
Apraksina Svetlana
Diamond Leader - founder of business
«Procedure is quite comfortable, convenient and takes a little time, which is very important in our rhythm of life. Device can be used for the whole family»
Nemykina Nonna
Emerald Leader - founder of business
«Ideal device! When you perform a treatment for one part of your face, you see immediately the lifting and moisturizing effect.»
Stroganova Irina
Platinum Leader-founder of business
«For me, every new week was a discovery. It was both my personal feelings and surprised faces of my friends. After 1 week, the skin was getting quite moisturized from the inside and the skin tone was more smooth. I noticed that my skin became more elastic, eye wrinkles were less visible, almost disappeared. Thereby the inner sense has changed as well; when you see improvements, it inspires.»