The rules of bodykey by NUTRILITE™ sales in Russia

Taking into account the obligatory requirements of Russian law regarding sales of bodykey by NUTRILITE™ products are sold only for personal consumption and mustn't be resold.


Please, find below the basic information about specialized sections located in our OOO "Amway" PSCs/BSCs and the order of making the NUTRILITE™ Agreement:

  • Products
  • Customer service
  • The order of making the NUTRILITE™ agreement
  • Ordering NUTRILITE™ on
  • Rules of conduct for AIEs


All bodykey by NUTRILITE™ products available in Russia.

Customer service

Specialized stores in Amway PSCs/BSCs sells only bodykey by NUTRILITE products, plus a few necessary sales aids (see in "Products" section above) to all categories of customers:

ABO who has already purchased Tier 2 Kit 

  • Product price – the price indicated in the Price-list.
  • PV goes to the account of an ABO who has bought the products.
  • ABO can also use his/her previously generated discount (max 20% of the whole purchase volume) – a standard purchase procedure like in Amway PSCs/BSCs.
  • Returns and claims are accepted only on bodykey by NUTRILITE products. Product returns are possible only in case of allergy or other side effects which cause health damage (medical reference must be provided) or in case of bad quality (such products must be provided).
  • Payments are accepted by cash and bank cards.

The order of making the NUTRILITE™ agreement

ABOs, who previously made themselves aware of the bodykey by NUTRILITE™ products in PSCs/BSCs can conclude the Agreement which allows purchasing NUTRILITE™ products by placing consolidated orders via web-site, ATS and Customer Service Department.

  • NUTRILITE™ Agreement, signed by an ABO, empowers Amway LLC for providing the delivery of the purchased bodykey by  NUTRILITE™ products to ABO’s location.
  • Agreement form is available in following company recourses: in any BSCs/PSCs or in Central office in Moscow. 
  • The Agreement is drawn up for the period of 1 year and after its termination it will be prolonged automatically till the moment when one of the parties declares its unwillingness to collaborate any longer.
  • The Agreement can be provided to the Company by any way convenient for ABO: by post, fax, e-mail, through PSC/BSC or office employees.
  • The Agreement should be received not later than in 5 days prior to the supposed order placement via, Customer Service Department or ATS.
  • NUTRILITE™ Agreement should be signed by each ABO, for whom bodykey by NUTRILITE™ products are ordered within the Consolidated Order. Regardless of Consolidated Order combination, the fixed orders volume and way of payment are not changed.
  • NUTRILITE™ Agreement from the side of legal entity (LLC) can be signed by the director of the organization or by the person empowered to act according to the letter of attorney on the special form of organization; from the side of Individual Entrepreneurship the Agreement can be signed by Individual Entrepreneur or by the person empowered to act according to the notarized letter of attorney. It is also necessary to put a stamp in case it is available.
  • After Agreement registration (within 5 days from the date of the receipt this Agreement by the company), ABO can order bodykey by NUTRILITE products via any convenient ways ( online through www., post, fax, e-mail, ATS)

Please, pay attention to the fact that all bodykey by NUTRILITE products will be packed aside from other products which are included into the consolidated order.

We hope that this delivery method of bodykey by NUTRILITE™ products will help to strengthen not only your business but also the most precious thing, which is your health!

We also would like to remind you that the legislation of Russian Federation does not admit distant sales and realization of biologically active supplements outside the stationery sales area.

Ordering NUTRILITE™ on

Please be aware of bodykey by NUTRILITE ordering specifics via

If adding bodykey by NUTRILITE products into orders of ABOs in his/her group, the ordering ABO of consolidated order must be sure that he/she and ABOs for whom he/she is ordering NUTRILITE products have signed NUTRILITE Agreement.

1. In case the ordering ABO have not signed NUTRILITE Agreement but ordered bodykey by NUTRILITE products for himself and/or other ABOs in his group, the whole consolidated order will be cancelled.
In "My order history" section on "Order details" page in Order Errors list you will find the error code "ITM Invalid Item Number" with SKU numbers of ordered bodykey by NUTRILITE products and the numbers of the 1st ABOs in whose order the system found these SKUs.
2. In case the ordering ABO have signed NUTRILITE Agreement but ordered NUTRILITE products for other ABOs who have not signed the Agreement in his consolidated order:

  • The whole consolidated order will be cancelled if at least in the order of one ABO in the consolidated order there were only bodykey by NUTRILITE products.
    In “My order history” section on “Order details” page in Order Errors list you will find the error code “ITM Invalid Item Number” with SKU numbers of ordered bodykey by NUTRILITE products and the numbers of the 1st ABOs in whose order the system found these SKUs.
  • bodykey by NUTRILITE products will not be included into the orders of the ABOs who have not signed NUTRILITE Agreement, but the order itself will go through if in the orders of such ABOs there will be other Amway products.
    Next to bodykey by NUTRILITE products in the order of ABOs who have not signed the Agreement there will be - «0».

Rules of conduct for AIEs

We remind you that there are some regulations which are imposed by the legislation of Russian Federation about the distribution of this kind of products.

bodykey by NUTRILITE products are being sold in PSCs/BSCs through special departments. The purchasing of bodykey by  NUTRILITE™ products is not possible by means of the consolidated orders or IVR. The receipt of bodykey by NUTRILITE™ products composed of consolidated orders is possible in case of ABO has made NUTRILITE™ agreement.

With regard to the strict regulations of the legislation of Russian Federation concerning retail of the food supplements and also the basic prohibition on the retailing of Amway products for our ABOs through the retail points according to the p.4.3.2 and 4.3.3 of the Amway Rules of Conduct, it is important to underline the fact that bodykey by NUTRILITE products will be sold only for the personal use. This product can not be re-sold to a customer.

In case of stating the fact of re-selling of bodykey by NUTRILITE products Amway undertakes to apply the serious sanctions towards the infringers up to breaking AIE Contract from the Company side.

It is significant that re-selling of this kind of products is prosecuted by law: in case of complaints and conversions of users it is possible that institute proceedings against the infringer can be taken and the administrative case might be instituted. Furthermore the identification of such violation by the Russian executive authorities might cause irreparable loss to the Company image in the territory of the Russian Federation.