Забота о здоровье потребителей — один из ключевых принципов деятельности компании Amway.

eSpring Water Treatment System

Taking care of its consumers’ health is one of the key principles followed by Amway in its activity. The company released its first water treatment system as early as in 1984, and since then it has been constantly improving the System design using advanced innovative technologies. The eSpring Water Treatment System has become the first household device to combine a multi stage water purification and UV treatment of water.

In 2012, Verify Markets, a research company specializing in the analysis of industrial equipment markets, named eSpring the No. 1 selling brand in the category of in-home water treatment systems.

Now this unique product is available in Russia!

Why do we need clean water?

Although water has no nutritional value, human body needs it constantly. Water delivers nutritional substances to our organism, saturates cells with oxygen, helps regulate body temperature, ensures lubrication of joints, removes toxins, and performs many other functions. Water is an essential component of our life, health, hygiene, and home life. Quality drinking water can improve our physical condition and appearance.

How does drinking water affect our mental and physical health?

  • Water accelerates metabolism by 30%. Even when resting, your organism begins to consume more calories!
  • Sufficient amount of water in the human organism improves concentration ability and speed of response.
  • 80% of the human blood is water required for creation of new blood cells. 50% of bones is water too, and here water is required for bone tissue renewal.
  • Water removes toxins from the organism
  • Water is needed for normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Water helps regulate the body temperature preventing its overheating when hot, and overcooling when cold
  • Water is needed for the gastric juice secretion and good digestion

Хорошая питьевая вода может улучшить нашу физическую форму и внешний вид.

Quality of Tap Water in Russia

The quality of the tap water you use at home greatly depends on the cleanness of the water source it is supplied from. There are more than 60 thousand public and service water pipes in Russia, 70% of which (according to the Federal Supervisory Service for Consumers Rights Protection and Human Welfare) source water from large rivers and lakes. In Russia, they are strongly polluted with waste water: only 1% of surface waters can be referred to the I class sources as per the State Standard, i.e. to sources water from which can be consumed without additional treatment.

How efficient is artificial treatment of water?

Modern methods of drinking water treatment in public pipes are rather efficient against infectious agents, nevertheless the number of intestinal infections caused by germs, viruses, and protozoa increases. In addition, water sterilization with chlorine-containing agents may result in formation of dangerous chemical compounds having cancerogenic and mutagenic effects. According to the official data, more than 70% of pipes in Russia can temporarily or constantly supply water unfit for drinking without additional treatment. Drinking water also gets contaminated when passing through old pipes, which is rather an issue with the water distribution pipe network in Russia being worn-out by more than 60%.

So it is clear why most Russians do not dare drink tap water without additional treatment, lest their health should be impaired.

How much water do we need?

It is extremely important to consume the correct amount of water. The daily requirement of an adult for water is 30–40 g per 1 kg of weight. On average, experts usually recommend drinking about 8 glasses of water per day. However, the exact amount we need may depend not only on our weight, but also on the physical activity, environmental conditions, life style, and food.

What happens when there is a lack of water?

1% water deficit in the organism evokes thirst. 5% water deficit causes a light fever. 10% water deficit results in the tongue swelling, kidneys failure, and muscular cramps. A person is unable to walk. 20% water deficit results in the skin cracking, failure of internal organs, and death.

What about other drinks?

Drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea), sugar, and alcohol contain harmful chemical substances with their removal from the organism requiring much more liquid than the drink itself contains.

Juices and sports drinks allay thirst, but can be a source of undesirable calories.

4 ступени очистки воды

После прохождения через Систему очистки воды eSpring вода становится не только вкусной и прозрачной, но и полностью безопасной для употребления. Это возможно благодаря очистке воды в 4 этапа:

Съемный префильтр

Продлевает срок службы угольного фильтра, извлекая из воды большую часть взвешенных частиц (песка, ржавчины, ила, водорослей и т. д.) размером до 1 микрона. Имеет гофрированную поверхность, что увеличивает ее площадь в 4 раза.

Рекомендуется замена префильтра по мере загрязнения, особенно в регионах с высоким уровнем загрязненности воды.

Префильтр картриджа

Является дополнительным фильтрующим слоем, задерживающим еще более мелкие частицы песка грязи, ржавчины и т. д., чем съемный префильтр. Состоит из волокон, между которыми как раз и задерживаются частицы загрязняющих веществ.

Блок прессованного активированного угля

Улучшает вкус питьевой воды, а также удаляет из нее более 145 загрязнителей, потенциально влияющих на здоровье человека. Это включает в себя уменьшение запаха и привкуса, обусловленных присутствием соединений хлора.

При этом полезные минералы (такие как кальций и магний) остаются в воде.

Ультрафиолетовое излучение

Обеспечивает практически полное (более 99,99%) обезвреживание воды от всех известных возбудителей инфекционных заболеваний у человека. Для этого в УФ-лампе применяются лучи с длиной волны 254 нм — наиболее эффективной в отношении патогенных микроорганизмов части спектра.

Methods of In-Home Water Treatment


To ensure optimum level of purity, it is necessary to boil water for at least 5 minutes, and boiling to kill the infectious hepatitis virus takes at least 25-30 minutes

The cheapest method of water sterilization. Suppresses vital capacity of some microorganisms.

Water is deprived of its beneficial properties and oxygen. When boiling for a long time, the structure of water is destroyed and the concentration of dangerous substances increases (salts, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.). Constant consumption of boiled water may impair immunity. When heated, chlorine compounds may transform into the dioxine poison.

Consumption of bottled water

Clean and in some cases quality water.

Easy to use.

There are a lot of adulterated products in the market (according to the Russian Federal Supervisory Service for Consumers Rights Protection and Human Welfare, only 227 out of 1,557 brands of bottled drinking water are of the supreme category, which makes less than 15% of the market). The plastic used in the bottle manufacture may release high-toxic substances into water (bisphenol A, dibutyl phthalate), especially in case of a long-term contact and high temperature.

Pitcher-type filters

Water passes through a filter under gravitation force. Granulated activated carbon and (or) resins reduce content of contaminating agents in water.

Portability, autonomy from water piping, reasonable price. Improves taste and clearness of water. Resins may make water less hard.

Short life term of the filter (about 1 month) and low productivity (0.05–0.25 l per minute). It is impossible to use fine sorbents for higher quality treatment. Passing through large granules, water forms channels and flows through them without proper treatment.

Household water treatment reverse osmosis devices

Water is treated with the help of a reverse osmosis membrane pores of which let water pass through and trap inclusions dissolved in it.

Ensures high quality of water treatment (removes even monovalent ions, such as sodions and chloride ions).

Also traps healthy inclusions — iron, calcium, magnesium, etc. Low productivity: up to 75% of treated water is wasted. Manufacturers of reverse osmosis systems re-mineralize water artificially, but beneficial effect of this process has not been proved. Such units are expensive and require professional maintenance.

Household ion exchange water treatment devices

Ion exchange is based on sorption of charged particles (ions), when trapping of one (“contaminating”) ion is compensated by release into water of another (“harmless”) ion included in the sorbent composition.

Ion exchange materials (primarily, synthetic resins) are used to remove heavy metal cations, and nitrates from water, as well as to soften it.

Water becomes tasteless, as almost all chemical elements are trapped. Devices with this technology are expensive, highly specialized, and are difficult to operate.


  • You do not have to guess if the cartridge should be replaced: the device will alert you when the time comes.
  • Unlike the majority of other multi stage water treatment devices, it takes about 5 minutes to replace the cartridge in eSpring. The cartridge resource is 5,000 L of water or 1 year of operation. During this period you can be sure that you drink clean and healthy water.
  • The eSpring Water Treatment System does not require much space as it is very compact, unlike its analogues available in the market: it is 17 cm in diameter, 32 cm in height, and 4.8 kg in weight.
  • You can install the eSpring Water Treatment System yourself following the User Manual instructions or by watching our teaching video.
  • There are two options of the eSpring Water Treatment System installation: top-counter (to the existing faucet) or under the counter (to the auxiliary faucet).

Top-counter eSpring Water Treatment System

  • Can be connected to your faucet using a diverter and tubing (supplied with the unit). The unit is placed next to the sink.
  • The unit is easy-to-install and requires no plumbing works
  • The system remains portable (e.g. you can take it to a country house, another flat, etc. if needed)
  • An ideal option for tenants.

Under-the-counter eSpring Water Treatment System

  • Treated water runs out of an aux faucet with a slot for it cut in the counter, and the unit is placed under the counter and remains invisible.
  • Saves space in your kitchen.
  • More difficult to install and requires plumbing works.
  • The system is not portable.

eSpring Advanced Technologies

The eSpring Water Treatment System comprises a combination of advanced innovative technologies making our System unique.

eCoupled Wireless Power Technology

It took 10 years of research and development to create this Amway-patented exclusive technology. Its idea is that the UV-lamp is completely isolated from the energy source. Due to the absence of any cords directly connected to the lamp, it is very easy to install and replace the cartridge, and due to no contact with water the electrical connections will not be subject to corrosion.

Instant-on UV-lamp Technology

The UV-lamp does not work constantly: it is activated only in the process of water treatment, which prevents its heating and allows for energy saving. This is done by a sensor that activates the UV-lamp one second after the tap supplying the water to be treated is turned and immediately ensures the lamp’s operation to full capacity. Since the lamp operates with intervals, treated water is always kept cold.

The “Smart Chip” technology

The concept of this Amway-patented exclusive technology is as follows: a “smart chip” in the eSpring electronic module tracks the operation term of the carbon filter and UV-lamp reading information from the cartridge, and the LED display notifies if the cartridge should be replaced. After the cartridge is replaced, data are automatically zeroed and reloaded.

Electronic monitoring Technology

The monitor of the eSpring Water Treatment System shows the state of the whole system: with its audio and video signals it warns about problems (e.g. if the UV-lamp is out of operation) or about expiry of the cartridge service life.

Efficiency Confirmed by International Standards

NSF International Certification

Amway has become the first company to have its in-home water treatment devices certified by an international division of the USA National Sanitary Fund (commonly known as NSF International). This confirms high quality of the product and authorizes its sales in the most countries of the world.

A team of scientists working on eSpring came to the conclusion that the NSF / ANSI standards developed by NSF International ensure the most accurate and comprehensive efficiency assessment of a water treatment system. If a water treatment system has been certified as meeting the requirements of NSF International, it means that it has been checked by an independent, unbiased third-party organization recognized worldwide as a leading water treatment expert. So you can be absolutely sure that the declared characteristics of the eSpring Water Treatment System’s efficiency and capacity are true.

What is NSF International?

NSF International was established over 55 years ago for the purpose of elaborating quality standards and methods of testing products meant for cooking food and beverages. Since then, the certification programs of this independent non-profit organization have become generally recognized criteria of a product’s high quality.

  • the first NSF International water purification standards were developed back in 1968 and were based on the data provided by health professionals, industry representatives, government, and research centers.
  • NSF standards are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI); they are frequently updated and extended to reflect changes in water treatment technologies and benefit from new knowledge acquired about water pollution and its effects on human health.
  • NSF International has established a variety of quality standards in the field of drinking water treatment
  • Today, NSF International is considered to be one of the most respected organizations in the field of water treatment quality assessment. That is why it was selected by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the Collaborating Center for Drinking Water Safety and Treatment.
What does NSF International Certification mean?

To obtain a NSF certificate, a water treatment system, in addition to confirming its ability to retain contaminants, must be tested to verify its compliance with the following five criteria:

  1. All declared pollutant content reducing characteristics must be true.
  2. The system must not release any hazardous materials into the water.
  3. The system must have a robust design.
  4. All advertising and accompanying materials must contain true information.
  5. Materials and processes used in manufacture must be standardized and subject to an annual audit.

The process of the eSpring Water Treatment System certification included testing of the treated water quality, safety assessment of the materials used in the system manufacture, and design reliability evaluation. It has been proved that in the water passed through the eSpring Water Treatment System content of more than 145 potentially hazardous substances is decreased to harmless levels, and over 99.99% of pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed.

What NSF Standards are met by eSpring Water Treatment System?

The eSpring Water Treatment System has also become the first in-home water treatment system to pass NSF International certification for compliance with three main water quality standards:

  • Standard 42 “aesthetic effects” — test systems for their ability to reduce drinking water contaminants that affect the taste, smell and clarity of drinking water. This standard does not assess a system in terms of its ability to remove hazardous contaminants. Many systems conform to this standard.
  • Standard 53 “health effects” — tests systems for their ability to reduce a wide range of drinking water contaminants, including lead, asbestos, VOCs and disinfectant by-products. It is much harder to pass the standard 53 testing as compared with standard 42. Under Standard 53, eSpring Water Treatment Systems removes more hazardous substances than any other carbon/UV filters ever tested by NSF International.
  • Standard 55 “ultraviolet microbiological water treatment” — standard 55 applies to systems that use ultraviolet light for microbial control. Very few systems comply with standard 55 requirements.

WQA Gold Seal

Water Quality Association (WQA) is a non-commercial international trade association representing the water treatment industry. Its Gold Seal program allows consumers to identify water treatment systems of the highest quality.

For the Gold Seal to be awarded, the testing results should confirm the ability of water treatment system to decrease content of contaminants throughout the term of the system operation, validate its resistance to the pressure growth, and prove safety of all materials.

Customs Union Certification

The eSpring Water Treatment System has successfully passed certification for compliance with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Эффективность, подтвержденная российскими стандартами

2015 году Система очистки воды eSpring успешно прошла испытание в России — в Главном контрольно-испытательном центре питьевой воды города Москвы (ГИЦ ПВ).

Испытания прибора проводились в лабораторных условиях с использованием предварительно загрязнённых образцов воды путем пропускания через систему eSpring™ и измерения результатов в контрольных точках: 1000, 2500, 4000, 5000 и 6000 литров.

Для тестирования эффективности были выбраны наиболее широко распространённые и опасные загрязнители: ртуть, свинец, фенол, гептахлор и другие. Также оценивались самые распространенные физико-химические параметры: мутность, цветность воды и сухой остаток.

Испытания убедительно доказали, что система eSpring полностью гарантирует качество очистки в течение всего ресурса картриджа, который составляет 5000 литров.

Это значит, что в течение целого года средняя семья может пользоваться безопасной и вкусной водой без необходимости в замене картриджа!

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию видеотчет о результатах испытания Системы очистки eSpring с участием Генерального директора Испытательного центра Гончара Юрия Николаевича.

Pure Economy

Unlike bottled water or pitcher-type filters, the eSpring Water Treatment System can completely satisfy daily needs of an average family for drinking and cooking water during one year. You just open the tap and the System begins to purify the water!

Despite a rather high price for the eSpring Water Treatment System, its purchase is a profitable investment that will eventually save your money. How?

The resource of the eSpring Water Treatment System cartridge is 5,000 liters of water. 5,000 liters equal to 1,000 standard five-liter bottles of water. Now, all you have to do is to learn the price of one five-liter bottle in a nearby store and calculate how much 1,000 bottles will cost! Starting from the second year of the system use, the economy will become even more obvious, as the only thing you will need then to purchase will be a replacement cartridge !

Besides, only using the eSpring Water Treatment System you can always be sure that you drink high quality safe water.

Environmental Friendliness

  • Preferring eSpring water treatment system to bottled water, you will both provide yourself and your family with clean, tasty, and safe water and also save the environment from a huge amount of plastic bottles causing irreparable harm to the ecology.
  • The UV-lamp in the eSpring cartridge is not switched on all the time, being activated only when water passes through the system (see “eSpring Advanced Technologies” section), that is why the eSpring Water Treatment System is energy efficient. In the active mode it consumes 60 W like a conventional bulb, with 2 W consumed in the standby mode. This will spare both your money and natural resources.
  • How should the UV-lamp used in the eSpring cartridge be disposed of? Although this issue is not regulated by Russian legislation, there are many disposal spots accepting lamps of this kind. To know the addresses of such spots in different cities of Russia please follow the link
Перечень запасных частей eSpring

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