Alexey Semenov

This year Amway Russia is launching long-expected brand iCook™ .

This year Amway Russia is launching long-expected brand iCook™ . Alexey Semenov – professional chef, Member of Russian Chef Guild had the honor to become iCook Expert in Russia.

Alexey is a highly qualified and experienced professional, has diplomas not only Russian but also international Culinary Academies, expert in traditional Russian, Italian and French cuisine. He has experience in opening of new restaurants, was a TV presenter in "Culinary Watch" TV show.

Alexey Semenov was born in 1975. In 1993 he became a professional chef. He was trained in International Institution Vatel in 2005, next year he took a course in international Culinary Academy "Barilla" (Italy). In 2008, he was graduated from MGTUU as a specialist in economy and management in food industry. He worked as a chef in Moscow restaurants "CLUB-17" and "Мu-Мu". In 2002-2003 he was a manager of production in "Antonio" restaurant, in 2003-2006 he opened restaurant "Unicum" and worked as chef in "Mayak" cafe, "Mamina Pasta" restaurant and "Goodman" (Arpicom company). From 2007, he is a chef of one of Moscow restaurants. Cooking demonstration with iCook cookware to the clients Watching this movie will help you to prepare for presentation of iCook cookware to potential clients and to gain more confidence. During his presentation, iCook Expert in Russia Alexey Semenov demonstrates technics of healthy food cooking and gives his recommendations. When you complete reviewing this movie, you will be able to easily prepare your own presentation of iCook cookware. More details on how to prepare iCook cookware presentation, cooking demonstration and make sales you will receive from iCook Retail Manual. We wish you success!