iCook claims management procedures

If a defect is discovered during the warranty period, you should apply to Amway.

1) If the Cookware was purchased in an Amway Trading Center, you should come to the Trading Center, fill out a claim form and provide the Cookware where a defect was discovered for evaluation.

Amway shall give you an opportunity to choose a claims settlement option that suits you:

  • If you want to get a refund or to replace the defective Cookware set with a new set, you will have to bring the defective Cookware set to the Trading Center yourself.
  • If you want to eliminate the defect by replacing the defective part of the set, you will have to bring o the Trading Center only the defective part of the set. In such a case, we recommend that you first call the Trading Center and make sure that the spare part that you want is available at the Trading Center’s warehouse in order to avoid another visit.

2) If you purchased the Cookware by way of placing a consolidated order, you can do one of the following:

  • Go to the nearest Trading Center and personally fill out a claim form. In such a case, you can choose a claims settlement option as you do when buying through a Trading Center. If you prefer to get a refund, this amount will be credited to you after your claim has been processed by a claims management specialist in the Company’s Head Office.
  • Send a completed and signed claim form (a claim form for the iCook Cookware is to be found at the site in the business information section) to Amway by post. The defective part of the Cookware should be sent together with your claim. Claim forms sent by e-mail/fax without the defective part shall not be considered. If your claim is considered justified, you can receive a refund of expenses related to the posting of the defective part. To receive this refund, you have to provide (attach to the claim form) a document confirming postal expenses (a sales check, an invoice).

The Cookware shall be returned by an AIE, a direct buyer of the product, or other persons acting on the basis of the power of attorney (if the AIE is an individual, he shall provide a notarized power of attorney; if the AIE is a legal entity, it shall provide a power of attorney signed by CEO and certified with a stamp. The original of the power of attorney shall be provided).

A part or a set shall be replaced at the request of an AIE how is directly in possession of the set or another person who acts on the basis of a hand-written power of attorney issued by the direct possessor and accompanied with a copy of the principal’s passport.

If your claim is considered unjustified and you do not agree with such an opinion, you can challenge it. To do so, you can request an expert evaluation from any independent authorized company. If the experts establish that Amway’s opinion is unlawful, Amway shall reimburse your expenses for expert evaluation.

Sat your request, Amway can also send the Cookware for expert evaluation. To this end, you have to send a personal request to CEO of LLC “Amway”. The Cookware shall be sent to an independent organization. If the experts confirm the legitimacy of Amway’s opinion, you will be advised to reimburse evaluation expenses incurred by Amway.

[1] LLC "Amway", 127018 Russia, Moscow, Sushchevsky Val 18.