We are glad to introduce a new project of the Amway Company in Russia: the NUTRILITE™ Club!


The NUTRILITE Club is a community of people voluntary united by the idea of a healthy lifestyle in all its manifestations that use and trust the NUTRILITE products and constantly seek to expand and share with others their knowledge of a healthy lifestyle.

Mission of the Club

Make society more healthy and happy through building the culture of a healthy lifestyle

Values of the Club

Health. Good health is an integral part of the general personal welfare. Knowledge. Informed and competent attitude towards one’s health based on reliable information is the key to maintaining or achieving good health Leadership. Be a role model. Health is a contagious example.


Secure the utmost support for the AIEs who seek to achieve good health and help others in this endeavor.

Basic criteria for the NUTRILITE Club membership

Any AIE can join the NUTRILITE Club – both a beginner and an experienced leader –with good business reputation, observing the AIE Agreement provisions, conducting his/her Amway business in accordance with the Amway Rules and Policies, and qualifying for the Club membership requirements set forth herein.

To qualify for the Club membership, AIE s must have a certain level of NUTRILITE personal PV and NUTRILITE group PV, which is an evidence of these AIEs active position in respect of their own health and that of their loved ones, and the understanding that dietary supplements are an important element in achieving and maintaining good health.

The basic criteria for membership in the NUTRILITE Club may be revised, cancelled or modified by Amway LLC at any time at its sole discretion.

Category Qualifications
Bachelor NUTRILITE quarterly personal PV 250-350
Master NUTRILITE quarterly personal PV 351-500
Rector NUTRILITE quarterly personal PV 501 and more
Leading Bachelor (NU4) NUTRILITE personal PV 250-350 plus NUTRILITE quarterly group PV 1000-1500
Leading Master (NU5) NUTRILITE personal PV 351-500 plus NUTRILITE quarterly group PV 1501-3 000
Leading Rector (NU6) NUTRILITE personal PV 501 and more plus NUTRILITE quarterly group PV 3001 and more


The qualification period to join and/or renew the NUTRILITE Club membership is 3 months. Each AIE who met the necessary qualifications during the qualification period and the basic criteria for the Club membership can become a member of the Club of the respective category and may apply for the category’s privileges. No written application is required to join the Club.

In qualification participating personal and group points accumulated for the purchase of Nutrilite products from 1st of the month preceding the start of the qualifying period (for instance -January 1,2013) and tha last day of the last month qualification quarter (in this example – till 31st of March 2013). This is due to technicalities of processing orders.

The Club members’ qualifications are reviewed and updated 4 times a year at the end of each calendar quarter.

For each current and new member of the Club, a message (via SMS, email) stating his/her qualification status will be sent no later than April 15, July 15, October 15, January 15, respectively.

There are no grace periods for the Club's membership; the Club's membership status is updated quarterly.

A brief description of the privileges for the NUTRILITE Club members, by category

Bachelor/Leading Bachelor

  • Access to online presentations about the NUTRILITE products
  • SMS and email messages with news about promotions, new product launches, confirmation of the category after passing the qualification
  • Opportunity to buy the Club’s branded souvenirs

Master/Leading Master

  • All Bachelor privileges
  • Participation in the scheduled regional conferences organized by Amway LLC
  • Participation in general promotions on special conditions; participation in special promotions for the Club members
  • For Leading Masters: access to a special training program aimed at developing the communication, presentation and other special skills

Rector/Leading Rector

  • All Master privileges
  • Participation in field motivating events organized by Amway
  • Participation in special training programs of Amway LLC
  • Participation as honorary guests in special events of the Club (e.g. new product’s launch)

Board of the Club

  1. The Board of the Club is the governing body of the NUTRILITE Club which defines and supervises the Club’s agenda; it is entitled to submit for consideration of Amway LLC senior management proposals for changes in the Club’s operation (including the Charter of the Club)
  2. The final decision on modifying the Charter of the Club (including qualification requirements) is made by senior management of Amway.
  3. The following representatives of the Amway management are obligatory members of the Club: NUTRILITE Product Manager and NUTRILITE Product Chief Trainer
  4. The Board of the Club is elected for a period of 1 calendar year among the most active AIEs, members of the Club, who met their qualifications of Rector / Leading Rector at least 3 times in a row. Election of the Board of the Club is carried out by a direct vote at the forum of the Company based on the highest number of votes.
  5. The Board of the Club consists of 8 members (two representatives of the Company and six AIEs).
  6. The Board of the Club is responsible for the annual publication of the Club’s reports in the internal media (AMAGRAM magazine).
  7. The Board of the Club is convened by the President of the Club as needed, but not less than once a year
  8. Board Members of the Club are given written notice of convening the Board no later than two weeks before the date of the meeting. The notice specifies the time of the meeting and the agenda.

President of the Club

  1. Provides overall management of the Club.
  2. Represents the interests of the Club for the Company's management and members of the Russian Diamonds Advisory Council.
  3. Presides at meetings of the Club.
  4. Reports to the Board of the Club on a calendar year performance (provides a written report).
  5. Is elected by vote of the Board of the Club for a period of 1 year from members of the Club Board by secret vote based on the highest number of votes at a general meeting of the NUTRILITE Club members.

The Club member is entitled to:

  • Participate in the Club’s operations in accordance with and within the scope of the Club’s category to which a member belongs based on the results of the last qualification.
  • Participate in the events of the Club in accordance with the Club’s category to which a member belongs based on the results of the last qualification.
  • Submit for consideration and approval by the Board of the Club his/her own ideas, projects, proposals about the Club’s agenda and new promising areas of the Club’s operations not to the detriment of the general goal of the association. The Club members may implement their own NUTRILITE-related projects only with the approval of the Board of the Club.
  • Receive the fullest possible assistance and support from the Club in the scope relevant to the Club’s category to which a member belongs based on the results of the last qualification period.
  • At any time, terminate the membership in the Club by sending an appropriate notification (email) to the Board of the Club.
  • Apply for membership in the Board of the Club if Rector / Leading Rector qualification has been attested at least 3 times in a row.

The Club member must:

  • Comply with the Charter of the Club.
  • Show respect to the opinions of other members of the Club.
  • Comply with the decisions of the Board of the Club taken within its competence.
  • During independent meetings and other types of communication with any audience (including those not consisting of AIEs), maintain the image of Amway as a socially responsible company conducting business in Russia in full accordance with the Russian laws.
  • Present to any audience the information on the NUTRILITE products and any other Amway products using precisely the wordings developed by the Company and published in its official media.
  • In case of violation of the Charter of the Club by an AIE, Amway decides to expel the AIE from the Club and determines the period within which the AIE cannot qualify for the Club membership.

Final Provisions

The NUTRILITE Club is not a legal entity; it conducts its activities for the purposes provided herein.