What is team NUTRILITE?

Team NUTRILITE is a global community of people interested in sports, healthy life-style, who desire to develop physically and spiritually. They are professional sportsmen and amateurs, champions and those who have just started thinking about the development of their physical and spiritual potential. We team up to support and inspire each other.

Mission of team NUTRILITE 

Inspire and support upholders of team NUTRILITE, supremely discover and exercise own abilities through the harmonious development of personality.

Team NUTRILITE values

  • Optimal health through
  • Team unity
  • Intention to help others

Optimal health through

Physical development

We strive for optimal health, which is necessary for meaningful and happy life. Our goal is to develop and strengthen our bodies in order to extend the active years of life and enjoy all its diversity. Team NUTRILITE embodies leading sportsmen of the world and thousands of ordinary people who exercise and take care of their health.

Spiritual development

Harmonious individual is flourishing both in physical and spiritual way. Team NUTRILITE members seek to strengthen both corporal and mental health, master spiritual practices for the acquisition of emotional balance, discovering new horizons for creativity, new areas in life. They willingly support each other in a spiritual exploration.


Eutrophy is one of the major conditions for the optimal health. Team NUTRILITE members strive to balance own diet and enrich it with all the necessary nutrients and microelements, based on experience and scientific achievements of NUTRILITE researchers. They willingly share their knowledge with others.

Team unity

Communication with soul mates

Each member of team NUTRILITE meets like-minded people – individuals who have similar drives for optimal health, who teake part in Team’s events, eagerly communicate, sharing a good mood, positive outlook, inspiring each other for new achievments.

Peacefull competition

The essence of the NUTRILITE brand is a principle of harmony: between man and nature, people in the community. Members of team NUTRILITE share the principle and implement it through sports. Because in any game positive attitude to a competitor leads to a mutual victory. Even the one who is weaker, is grateful towards the winner for being a good role model, for a self-perfection, for energy charge and victory over him\herself. Team NUTRILITE develops activities which support healthy competition and inspire positive rivalry. That is why the team principles are not in line with the militarize games with a use of armory prototypes, which might provoke aggression.

Intention to help others


In team NUTRILITE you can always rely on support and frindly encouragement. Here any time you can find those who will help you to organise and hold own NUTRILITE event.


Philanthropy is an important role of the team NUTRILITE. Providing assistance to those who are in desperate need, we make our world more harmonious and achieve inner balance. Many small positive actions enhance the "health" of our world. Because who else if not us?

Team NUTRILITE activity

Team NURILITE members manage sport events and participate in those, which tend to strenghthen health, inspire people with the idea of healthy life-style, popularize the NUTRILITE brand.