SATINIQUE™ is an innovative premium hair care brand, offering a complete regimen for all hair types and needs.

When your hair looks good, you feel good. You feel beautiful, even energized. Patented exclusive ENERJUVE™ technology, unique blend of botaniclasand nutrients combined with stunning results, exclusive fragrances and dynamic packaging elevate hair to its full potential.



ENERJUVE™ - the heart of SATINIQUE Combined with naturally derived botanicals

ENERJUVE™ is a USA patented, exclusive to Amway technology: a positively charged complex of strengthening lipids, reinforcing creatine, and smoothing 18-MEA which works on all 3 hair levels to correct the negative charge found in damaged hair: it penetrates the core, selectively binds to damaged areas, and fortifies weak spots to help repair and revitalise from the inside out. As a smart complex, it discovers by itself damaged/weakened areas of hair repairing and revitalising hair.

18-MEA as part of ENERJUVE is a natural, extremely vulnerable component of the hair surface responsible for healthy, shiny hair.

More than 80% of it is lost through a single hair coloring and cannot be regenerated naturally. ENERJUVE helps restore 18-MEA to maintain silky and easy to comb hair:

Scientists discovered that when hair is damaged it gains a negative charge. This damage makes hair weak, frizzy, and lifeless.

ENERJUVE™ exclusive to Amway works to correct the negative charge found in damaged hair. ENERJUVE addresses many signs of hair damage and works on multiple levels to transform hair, leaving it healthier-looking, and more alive than ever.

Волосы с недостатком насыщенной жирной кислоты.

1. Before treatment

2. After 1 treatment

Здоровый внешний вид волос при нормальном содержании насыщенной жирной кислоты.

Капли воды скатываются по волосам, демонстрируя их гладкую поверхность.


SATINIQUE™ scientists combined their nutritional and beauty expertise to incorporate innovative ingredients for hair health with carefully selected botanicals and nutrients.

Carefully selected botanicals and nutrients repair, renew and revitalise the hair’s specific needs.


Sensorial experience on all levels. Deliberately developed fragrances.

Even though hair care customers search for benefits-based results, fragrance plays an important role: fragrance influences the overall experience, therefore the fragrances were deliberately developed for the SATINIQUE™ collection.

All SATINIQUE products are enhanced with carefully selected fruity and floral fragrances, which heighten the usage experience and bring senses into full bloom. SATINIQUE products features three signature fragrances – each especially developed for specific products.


The SATINIQUE™ collection is organised by vibrantly bold colors making it easy to find the perfect products.

The colour story is energetic and strong — a reflection of the SATINIQUE promise to ignite hair’s vitality. The packaging shapes were designed to convey the SATINIQUE promise, elegance and ease of use.

Smooth Moisture

Extra Volume

Color Repair

2 in 1

Упаковка была разработана специально, чтобы передать уникальные свойства продукции SATINIQUE™, ее изящество и простоту использования. Флаконы для шампуня и кондиционера имеют гладкие линии и словно взмывающий вверх силуэт, олицетворяющий превосходную способность средств SATINIQUE™ восстанавливать волосы изнутри. Более того, их форма чрезвычайно удобна. Для продуктов по уходу и укладке SATINIQUE™ разработаны упаковки с четкими, ясными линиями, символизирующими простоту их регулярного использования.

В палитре преобладает серебристый цвет; современный и элегантный, он — великолепное дополнение к цветной ленте — графическому символу, который используется для каждой упаковки. Форма ленты символизирует волосы, наполненные жизненной силой, имеющие здоровый внешний вида яркие цвета позволяют с легкостью выбрать средства в соответствии с задачей, которую им предстоит выполнить при уходе за волосами.


It all begins from the outside in. The new SATINI QUE™ and its state-of-the-art ENERJUV E™ Complex repair and recharge your hair to return it to its positive, energised and healthy state. Active Botanicals and nutri- ents leave you and your hair looking more beautiful than ever


Enjoy the pleasure of looking great. Luscious formulas, enhanced with SATINIQUE’s three new fragrances bring hair and senses into full bloom. Aromatic fruits and fresh florals provide a multi-sensorial experience you’ll love.


The energy and vitality of SATINIQUE positively transforms you from the inside out as your hair becomes an inspiring reflection of your well-being. You’re left feeling revitalised, ready to face the day with confidence and magnificence, to radiate your beauty to the world.

* При регулярном комплексном использовании Увлажняющих шампуня и кондиционера для придания волосам гладкости, Бальзама для разглаживания волос. По данным исследований, проведенных Компанией Amway.

** При регулярном комплексном использовании Шампуня и Кондиционера для окрашенных волос, Восстанавливающей маски и Спрея для волос «Двойная защита». По данным исследований, проведенных Компанией Amway.

*** При регулярном использовании Шампуня для окрашенных волос.