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GLISTER™ Dental Floss

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Weight/volume: 30 m

    This unique single-fibre floss is gentle on the gums. It passes easily between the tightest contact points of your teeth without leaving filaments trapped there.


    • It does not split and does not leave fibers between the teeth.
    • Surprisingly strong, but soft and tender for the gums.
    • More than 60 applications* or 1 month of use 2 times a day.


    Unwaxed fiber made from synthetic material (polytetrafluoroethylene) with mint flavor.

    *With a recommended use of 45 cm for one brushing procedure between the teeth.

    Не расщепляется и не оставляет волокон между зубами.
    Удивительно прочная, но мягкая и нежная для десен.
    Более 60 применений* или 1 месяц использования 2 раза в день.

    Невощеное волокно из синтетического материала (политетрафторэтилен) c пропиткой с ароматом мяты

    * При рекомендованном использовании по 45 см для одной процедуры чистки между зубами.

    To brush your teeth correctly, tear off a piece of floss (approximately 45 cm long) and wrap most of it around the middle fingers, holding the floss between your thumb and forefinger.
    Gently swipe the floss up and down between the teeth, then change the angle so that the floss goes around each of the teeth between which it passes and cleans them from all sides, then floss up to the place where the tooth enters the gum to clean the place between tooth and gum.