Partner stores

Due to our partnership programs with well-known and trusted companies you will be able to:

  • Use a wide variety of favorably rated products and services
  • Have more opportunities for your business development, receive extra PV for purchases from some of the partner stores.
  • Increase Amway attractiveness for prospects.

How to purchase partner stores’ products?

To buy our partner companies’ products or servicesit is necessary to entertheir web-sites byh following links in the relevant sections.

The list of partner stores will be updated offering you new favorable tariffs and products.

Amway responsibility

  • Amway web site provides access to third parties’ web sites where you can order products/services. Such parties are responsible for the receipt and execution of orders, orders invoicing as well as for serving customers within their product/services.

  • Amway is not responsible for damages or losses caused as a result of contracts execution between ABOs and third parties who manage web-sites given at, and also as a result of using third parties’ web-sites.
  • Amway is not responsible for links, information reliability, confidentiality policy, expression of thoughts given on third parties’ web sites.
  • Amway is not responsible for order execution time, neither for its execution quality, nor for the kind of further work of a Partner Store with an ABO after an ABO entered a Partner Store’s web site. All conditions and terms of the valid contracts concerning the guarantee of production safety and quality, delivery and calculations in Partner Stores are described in details on each Store’s web site.
  • Amway does not consult ABOs on Partner Stores’ products/services (their quality, expiration dates, etc.) offered on Partner Stores’ web sites. 
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