iCook™ Senior and Junior sauce pans with lids, Junior Dome lidiCook™ Senior and Junior sauce pans with lids, Junior Dome lid
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iCook™ Senior and Junior sauce pans with lids, Junior Dome lid

SKU: 101084| Size: 5 pieces
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    iCook Senior sauce pan with lid, Junior sance pan with lid and Junior Dome lid are available separately from the Starter set!

    The perfect set for cooking or reheating sauces and vegetables, and for sauteing smaller portions of chicken, fish, or beef.

    iCook cookware have some unique exclusive technologies:

    •  Low moisture cooking method VITALOKTM. The VITALOK Cooking Method forms a water seal between the lid and pan that allows meats, fruits and vegetables to baste in their own natural oils and juices, locking in more natural flavours and valuable nutrients, while preserving colour and texture.
    • The fully encapsulated bottom OPTITEMP for the heat distributed over the entire bottom of the sauce pan.
    • New improved design of handles and knobs.

    Possibility to cook healthy food with saved valuable nutritient.

    • Optitemp™ fully encapsulated cooking base improves heat distribution by 92% over Queen Cookware and works with any style cooktop. 
    • Stack cooking with iCook saves space. 
    • The Vitalok™ cooking method locks in one-third more nutrients, without added fats or unnecessary water. 
    • Handles are ergonomically designed to make pans and lids easy to grip and use. 

    Stainless steel (18/8 or 18/10), aluminium

    For best results with iCook it is important to use only little or medium heat. Please always start with medium heat to form the water seal then turn the heat to low. 

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