SA8™ Premium Concentrated Laundry Powder DetergentSA8™ Premium Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent
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SA8™ Premium Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent

SKU: 109849| Size: 3 kg
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Our best-selling laundry detergent includes the unique BIOQUEST Formula based on active oxygen and bio enzymes. Delivering the powerful cleaning and stain removal qualities that customers love and expect, it is now more sustainable than ever before.  

  • New package size
  • Active oxygen bleach removes stains making clothes appear whiter and brighter
  • Lightly fragranced with a citrus scent which contains essential oils
  • A unique combination of bio-enzymes, biodegradable cleaning ingredients, natural water softener and a bleaching additive that all culminate to effectively remove dirt and tough stains
  • Unique Bioquest Formula. 
  • The natural water softener improves cleaning performance
  • Cleans at all temperatures (30°-95°C)
  • Rinses clean, leaving no residue to irritate sensitive skin
  • Uses silicates to inhibit corrosion of metal such as zips
  • Excellent dissolvability means the formula gets to work immediately attacking difficult dirt and stains like egg and grass
  • Concentrated to maximise cleaning results and minimise waste
  • Dermatologist/allergist tested
  • Safe for septic systems

Can be used for both white and majority of color clothes.

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