SA8™  Concentrated Fabric Softener - AlpineSA8™  Concentrated Fabric Softener - Alpine
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SA8™ Concentrated Fabric Softener - Alpine

SKU: 109852| Size: 1 l
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Renew that soft feel of your laundry. Our specially formulated softener minimizes fabric wear and reduces static cling for fabrics that feel great and smell great. 

  • Softening agents derived from natural sources restore a ‘soft feel’ to clothes and linens, while maintaining the absorbency in towels
  • Softens fibres
  • Dermatologist and allergist tested
  • No residue to potentially irritate skin
  • Gently relaxes fabric fibres, reducing creases and making ironing easier
  • Reduces fabric wear which extends the life of your clothing
  • Anti-static ingredients reduce static cling
  • Concentrated so only 10ml needed per 4.5/5kg of dry wash load
  • Suitable for hand and machine washing, and dryers

Washing machine: Add 10ml with water to fabricdispenser drawer.
Hand wash: Add 5ml to final 10 litres of rinse water.

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