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The human body does not synthesize vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and should receive them in reasonable amounts on a daily basis.

Fruit and vegetables are the main source of micro- and phytonutrients in the diet. Insufficient consumption of fruit and vegetables can cause various diseases.

NUTRILITE™ DOUBLE X™ Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient is a comprehensive food supplement containing a blend of vital vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. This formula was designed to provide enhanced support for the body when it is exposed to high loads and requires more nutrients. It contains natural vegetable substances in the form of concentrates prepared from 24 types of fruit, vegetables and plants.


Vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, flavorings and spices are referred to as food sources of micro and phytonutrients.

According to the World Health Organization, in order to adequately provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, one needs to eat 300–400 g of fresh plant foods daily.


  • Anyone who follows a business lifestyle and at the same time strives to maintain an optimal level of essential nutrients in the body throughout the day
  • Anyone who is not sure about the nutritional value of the food he/she eats due to its intense industrial processing or long-term storage and consequent loss of its freshness
  • Anyone with an unbalanced diet due to the lack of some critical nutrients
  • Anyone who does not regularly eat (due to the lack of time or appetite) the proper amount of fruit, vegetables and whole-grain products
  • Anyone who wants to improve weight, is actively engaged in sports or wants to have good health in the old age and/or optimal health

NUTRILITE™ products are food supplements and not medicines. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using NUTRILITE™ food supplements. There are contraindications. NUTRILITE™ supplements are intended for personal use only. Any other ways of using and selling food supplements are permitted only in exceptional cases and subject to the requirements stipulated by the current Russian legislation. NUTRILITE™ supplements are available in Amway LLC Business Service Centers. For Business Service Center addresses and information on availability of products please visit website or call +7 (495) 981-4000. The products have passed the registration of Rospotrebnadzor within the Customs Union. All products comply with the requirements of ТР ТС 021/2011 "On food products safety"; ТР ТС 022/2011 "Food products marking".

  • Contains concentrates prepared from 24 types of fruit, vegetables and plants.
  • When taken twice per day, continuously maintains optimum levels of nutrients in the body throughout the day.
  • Many plants used in this product have been grown and harvested on certified Nutrilite farms.
  • This product contains high-quality fresh vegetable concentrates tested and selected due to their unique biological activity.
  • A wide range of phytonutrients in vegetable concentrates contained in this product are considered to have a great positive effect on human health.
  • Does not contain gluten and lactose.
  • Suitable for diabetics (contains insignificant amounts of carbohydrates and calories) and vegetarians.
  • May not be appropriate for vegans (contains vitamin D derived from lanolin).

  • NUTRILITE™ DOUBLE X™ delivers high levels of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.
  • Basic vitamins, minerals and concentrates contained in the NUTRILITE™ DOUBLE X™ food supplement have a complex effect: they maintain normal functioning of the immune system and brain, support healthy bones and cells, provide powerful antioxidant protection and fully contribute to well-being
  • The package with three sections is intended for a 31-day course/with a spare unit for 62 days.
  • Adults should take 2 vitamins tablets, 1 minerals tablet and 1 tablet with phytonutrients 2 times daily with meals (8 tablets a day).

Duration – 1 month. The product is free from artificial sweeteners, coloring, flavoring or preserving agents.  Prior to use consult your physician.

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