SA8™  Tri-Zyme Stain Pre-Soak and Detergent BoosterSA8™  Tri-Zyme Stain Pre-Soak and Detergent Booster
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SA8™ Tri-Zyme Stain Pre-Soak and Detergent Booster

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    An enhanced formula that tackles a multitude of deeply ingrained stains. The triple enzyme cleaning system can be used as either a pre-soak preceding a main wash or as a means to boost detergent performance. Fast dissolving, it gets to work straight away on difficult stains like grass, blood, dairy products, clay and many more. 

    • When used in the washing machine’s pre-wash/pre-soak cycle, it has a powerful stainremoving
      effect on organic, protein and soil-based deposits such as grass, blood, tomato
      sauces, dairy products, body soils, ingrained dirt, mud
    • It’s a ‘Chlorine Scavenger’ that neutralises chlorine in treated water, thereby maximising enzyme cleaning action
    • Concentrated and economical to use
    • Phosphate free
    • New package
    • Triple enzyme cleaning system provides natural stain-cleaning as pre-soak
    • Works as a powerful stain pre-soak detergent booster
    • Works at all temperatures from 30°-95°C
    • Dermatologist-tested ensures laundered items are non-irritating to most skin.
      Allergist tested
    • Safe for septic systems
    • Contains natural cleaning ingredients derived from plants and minerals including grains
      and Trona
    • Unique Bioquest Formula complex.

    Recommended as a Pre-soak: Add 5ml per 5 litres of water. Soak fabric for at least 30 minutes, overnight if necessary for heavy stains, and then wash as normal.
    Detergent booster: Add 15ml to each washing machine load together with your usual SA8 detergent.
    Effective at any temperature.

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