L.O.C.™  Soft CleanserL.O.C.™  Soft Cleanser
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L.O.C.™ Soft Cleanser

SKU: 110486| Size: 500 ml
    • Catalogue price: 510.00 RUB

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    For gentle cleaning without scratches. Just one drop of this rich, creamy formula is enough to rid
    bathrooms and kitchens of dirt and grime. Particularly effective on surfaces like stainless steel where
    scratches are easily visible. 

    • Safely cleans most home surfaces especially ceramics, porcelain, stainless steel sinks,
      aluminium, chrome, fibre glass, glass
    • Contains a unique blend of three high performance ingredients: cleaning surfactant,
      a natural citrus solvent and a mild abrasive
    • Fresh, appealing citrus scent
    • Gentle abrasives ensure scratch–free finishes
    • Rich, creamy formula
    • Free-rinsing cleanser leaves no harmful residues
    • Combines biodegradable cleaning ingredients derived from plants and minerals
    • Dermatologist-tested
    • Contains no phosphates, harsh acids/alkalis or chlorine bleach
    • Unique Bioquest Formula complex. 

    Perfect for bathroom ceramic tiles, ceramic cook tops, showers, shower doors, toilets, fixtures, sinks and plastic bathtubs. Mild enough to clean mirror-finished stainless steel without scratching.
    Can also be used on iCook™ Stainless Cookware.

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