DISH DROPS™ Automatic Dishwasher PowderDISH DROPS™ Automatic Dishwasher Powder
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DISH DROPS™ Automatic Dishwasher Powder

SKU: 110489| Size: 1,4 kg
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New product! For spotless and etch-free performance in the dishwater you can’t do better than this powder. Its active oxygen and duo enzymes cut effortlessly through grease and dried-on food leaving exceptionally clean dishes time after time. Suitable for any dishwasher, this powder leaves no hard water film deposits like some competing brands. 

  • Powerful formula cuts through grease and hardened food easily, leaving dishes
    sparkling clean
  • Boosted cleaning power from activated oxygen and duo enzyme formula
  • Contains enzymes and polymers, giving exceptional starch and hard water film removal
  • Cleaning ingredients derived from natural ingredients such as chicory
  • Cleans without leaving harmful residues
  • Phosphate free
  • Fresh and clean citrus fragrance
  • Safe for septic systems

For light soling of dishes empty 10g of powder into the dishwasher soap
dispenser (for heavy soil use 20g). For machines without a soap dispenser place detergent in bottom of the machine.

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