NUTRILITE™ Phyto2GO Immunity Active 6 Drink
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NUTRILITE™ Phyto2GO Immunity Active 6 Drink

SKU: 119391| Size: A kit of 6 caps and 1 reusable bottle
    • Catalogue price: 1,645.00 RUR

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    The product is rich in phytonutrients including a grape concentrate, blueberry concentrate, black currant extract, and elderberry extract. These ingredients have strong health benefits and are very helpful for the body, brain, bones and eyes immune systems protection. The drink's blend of berries contains anthocyans - powerful antioxidants providing protection against free radicals. One dose of Immunity Active Drink contains 45 mg of Vitamin C and 2.6 mg of Zinc. These ingredients protect cells against free radicals damage and are very important in the immunity support.

    The product doesn't contain artificial colors, flavoring or preserving agents. Each ingredient is phytogenic. Because of stevia, a natural sweeting agent, the caloric content of one Immunity Active Drink dose is only 7 kcal! 

    The drink contains a grape concentrate, blueberry concentrate, black currant extract, and elderberry extract which are known as additional sources of phytonutrients. The caps and reusable bottle are very convenient and perfect for using on the go. You can mix up the drink at any time.

    Water, water-retaining agent: glycerin; natural berry flavor; natural pomegranate flavor; acidity regulator (taste modifier): malic acid; acidity regulator: сіtric acid; acerola cherry concentrate, blend of berries: grape concentrate (Vinifera Vitis), blueberry concentrate (Vaccinium Corymbosum), currant extract (Ribes Nigrum L.), elderberry extract (Sambucus Nigra L.); sweeting agent: steviol glycosides; natural acai flavor, zink gluconate, maltodextrin, natural pomegranate flavor, L-ascorbic acid. GMO free.

    Put on NUTRILITE™ PHYTO2GO Immunity Drink Twist Cap on the bottle and twist it. To use carefully twist the cap again and refresh yourself with a nutrient rich drink for your immunity support. Shaking or mixing are not required. 



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