NUTRILITE™ Phyto2GO Two-Piece Reusable Bottle
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NUTRILITE™ Phyto2GO Two-Piece Reusable Bottle

SKU: 119393| Size: 1 piece, 355 ml
    • Catalogue price: 580.00 RUR

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    355 ml. Sold separately. The reusable bottle is designed for easy cleaning – just unscrew the bottom for easy access. 

    For repeated use. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. The two-piece design allows to add refreshing ingredients to your drink, such as fruits, or ice.

    Put on NUTRILITE™ PHYTO2GO Immunity Drink Twist Cap on the bottle and twist it. To use carefully twist the cap again and refresh yourself with a nutrient rich drink for your immunity support. Shaking or mixing are not required.

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