iCook™ 4L sauce pan with lid, 2 unitsiCook™ 4L sauce pan with lid, 2 units
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iCook™ 4L sauce pan with lid, 2 units

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    6 benefits in one iCook™ item: useful, fast, tasty, convenient, safe, profitable! 

    4-liter saucepan is ideal for cooking soups, pasta, cooking a whole chicken and putting out meat.                                                  

    Dishes iCook™ combines several exclusive technologies:

    - Patented method of cooking with low humidity VITALOK™. The essence of the method is as follows: when preparing food between the lid and the pan (thanks to a specially selected design) a water seal is formed and the moisture does not evaporate, which makes it possible to cook meat, fruits and vegetables in their own juice, preserving their color, texture, taste and nutrients.

    - All-metal encapsulated bottom OPTITEMP™ for uniform heat distribution throughout the bottom.

    - Ergonomic design of handles and additional holders.

    1. USEFUL

    The method VITALOK™ will allow to abandon the habitual frying in oil, as a result of which harmful substances are formed.

    When preparing with a water seal, you will increase the value of food - keep in it more useful substances and vitamins.

    2. FAST

    ICook™ technologies in the complex allow to significantly reduce the cooking time.

    Thanks to the hydraulic seal, it is possible to cook poultry and fish, meat and garnish simultaneously in one bowl, obtaining an excellent result.

    3. TASTY

    Thanks to the VITALOK™ method, juices are "locked" inside products, and your family will re-discover the taste of cereals, soups and vegetable dishes!

    Thickened bottom and walls create the effect of food languor. Products acquire a delicate texture, delicate taste and aroma.


    ICook™ utensils are suitable for all types of cookers, including induction cookers, and many recipes for the oven can be realized, for example, pies and lasagna.

    To save space during storage, simply turn the lids in the pan and place one pan in the other.

    5. SAFE

    In dishes iCook™ dishes are prepared as quickly as in a pressure cooker, but even a beginner can use it.

    High-quality steel does not react with food and does not accumulate heat treatment products, unlike, for example, cast iron.


    The iCook™ cookware is durable, and you can refuse regular purchase of new dishes.

    You can reduce the cost of electricity or gas using the VITALOK™ method, as well as multi-tier cooking.

    Save on buying oil and strengthen health, refusing to fry in favor of the advanced method VITALOK™!

    Stainless steel (surgical steel type T304, known in the industry as 18/8 or 18/10), aluminum.

    For best results when cooking with iCook utensils it is important to use only WEAK and MEDIUM heating. Always start the process on AVERAGE fire to form a water seal, then reduce to WEAK for the remaining cooking period.

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