Concentrated liquid laundry detergent SA8 Black  for dark clothes
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Concentrated liquid laundry detergent SA8 Black for dark clothes

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    Concentrated liquid laundry detergent SA8 Black is specifically produced for washing black and dark fabrics.


    We also want to draw attention to our promotional campaign. Just in November buy Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent for dark clothes SA8 ™ Black and get a vivid sticker on the washing machine with recommendations for laundry! 

    BIOQUEST formula. Economic consumption due to concentrated formula.

    Helps to preserve the color of black and dark clothes for a long time through recent developments in the field of color protection and fabric quality. 
    Contributes to the restoration of the old cotton fabrics by removing microfibrils. 
    Prevents fading and dye transfer to other fabriques, providing long wearing of clothes. 
    Contains exclusive complex BIOQUEST FORMULATM, which includes components derived from natural raw materials such as coconut oil, orange and minerals. 
    Passed dermatological testing and is safe for you and your family. 
    Leaves no tissue residue that can cause skin irritation.

    1 cap for 1 laundry

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