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Set for children NUTRILITE™

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From February 1*, when buying 2 pacekages of Omega-3 with vitamin D Jelly pastilles for children (SKU 122447) and 1 package of Chewable tablets with calcium and magnesium for children (SKU A5847) - a children's pencil case as a gift!

*Promotion is valid until the product is available.

About 80% of children in Russia and the CIS countries do not receive the amount of vitamin D and Omega-3 recommended for normal growth and development*.

Omega-3 fatty acids make up 13% of brain cells and one-fifth of the retina. Therefore, without the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in the daily ration of a child, it is impossible to properly form the nervous system and vision. 

From entering the children's body of Vitamin D depends on bone strength, normal growth, proper formation of the skeleton and teeth. In addition, it has a stimulating effect on the body's immune system, therefore, it increases resistance to infections.

Calcium is an essential element for the growth of bones, teeth and hair. The component is especially important in childhood, because of calcium deficiency can slow down the formation of bones and molars.

Magnesium participates in the proper formation of bones and skeleton, maintaining the balance of calcium in the blood and the activity of the nervous and muscular system.

A child under 7 years old needs to consume calcium and magnesium every day about the same as an adult. And the rate of consumption for a child older than 11 20% more than an adult!

Four components that are so necessary for your child - in the set of children's products NUTRILITE for a month!

The daily dosage of NUTRILITE baby jelly pastilles Omega-3 with Vitamin D contains up to 80% of the recommended intake of Vitamin D, and the quantity of Omega-3, one of the largest **, is 576 mg NUTRILITE Chewable tablets with calcium and magnesium will replenish up to 90% of the daily recommended amount of calcium and up to 75% of magnesium!

The set is predicated for a month for children from 4 years:

  • during the period of active growth;
  • who eat little;
  • with intense educational process;
  • experiencing heavy physical activity.

Two products complement each other and work together even better!

Vitamin D improves the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Calcium, magnesium, Omega-3 and Vitamin D cover all key needs for the healthy growth of the child, contributing to his harmonious physical and emotional development. These elements are difficult to receive with food in the recommended amounts.

* According to a sample observation of the diet in 2013, conducted by the Federal State Statistics Service.
** Among NUTIRLITE products.  

Sources of ingredients - only organic!

Omega-3 fatty acids are mined from the muscle tissue of deep-sea fish - sardines, mackerel and anchovies.
Vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol derived from lanolin.
The source of calcium and magnesium is oyster shell powder.

  • Refreshing fruit flavor;
  • Convenient chewing format - no need to drink water;
  • Without artificial colors and flavors;
  • Does not contain GMO.

NUTRILITE Omega-3 with Vitamin D children's jelly pastilles

Fish oil (concentrated fish oil triglycerides, antioxidant: tocopherols, mixture concentrate); purified water; trehalose dihydrate; sucrose; gelatin; thickener: glycerin; acidity regulator: triple sodium citrate; natural flavor; antioxidant: citric acid; paprika extract; (dye: paprika extract) , antioxidants: ascorbyl palmitate, alpha-tocopherol); cholecalceferol (vitamin D3) (cholecalceferol, antioxidant: alpha-tocopherol).
The product may contain trace amounts of fish and soy. Does not contain GMOs.

NUTRILITE Chewable tablets with calcium and magnesium

Oyster shell powder, glucose (551.08 mg), fructose (434.35 mg), magnesium carbonate, corn starch, maltodextrin, stabilizer: gum arabic; anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate; natural fruit flavoring.

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