Glister™ Comprehensive oral careGlister™ Comprehensive oral care
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Glister™ Comprehensive oral care

SKU: 303248| Size: 1 set
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Fresh breath, beautiful smile and great mood with a set of Glister™ products for comprehensive oral care!

Competent comprehensive oral care is the basis for the prevention of dental diseases.

The set includes:

  • Glister™ Smart Sonic Electric toothbrush;
  • Glister™ Multifunctional toothpaste, 150 ml/200 gr;
  • Glister™ Concentrated liquid;
  • for mouthwash, 50 ml;
  • Glister™ Dental floss.

Glister™ Smart Sonic Electric toothbrush

  • Thorough cleaning due to the high frequency of vibrations of the cleaning head and the effect of fluid dynamics;
  • 5 modes of cleaning, including the regime for sensitive teeth;
  • Powerful battery - up to 4 weeks of operation without recharging;
  • The mobile application "Personal Instructor" - monitoring the quality of cleaning.

Glister™ Multifunctional toothpaste

  • 5 in 1: whitens, removes plaque, gently cleanses, protects against cavity, freshens breath;
  • Clinically proven efficacy;
  • The leader of sales in the European market.

GLISTER™ Concentrated mouthwash

  • Effectively removes and reduces bacterial plaque from both teeth and gums;
  • Mint flavor pleasantly refreshes the mouth, leaving a feeling of cleanliness for a long time;
  • One bottle is enough for 100 rinses.

GLISTER™ Dental floss

  • Effectively cleans and easily penetrates into the closest interdental spaces;
  • Has a pleasant mint flavor.
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