Glister™ Kids Oral care for childrenGlister™ Kids Oral care for children
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Glister™ Kids Oral care for children

SKU: 303336| Size: 1 set
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Oral care for the most loved ones!

Glister Kids Set for the careful and effective care of children's growing teeth (from 2 years).

The set includes:

  • Glister™ Kids Toothpaste for children, 85 г (2 ea);
  • Glister™ Kids Toothbrushes for children (4 ea).

Glister™ Kids Toothpaste for children

  • Soft formula gently cleanses growing teeth without damaging the enamel;
  • Contains the formula REMINACT, which restores tooth enamel, enriching it with minerals;
  • Has a pleasant strawberry flavor;
  • Does not contain sugar.

Glister™ Kids Toothbrushes for children

  • Soft bristles for gentle cleaning;
  • Convenient handle, bright colors;
  • Special marking for the required amount of paste;
  • Does not contain bisphenol A, PVC and phthalates;
  • There are enough brushes for a whole year!
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