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Amway Products imply
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high quality standards
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in-house production
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advanced technology
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over 500,000 tests and quality checks every year
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high sustainability and efficiency
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full scope of quality assurance
Our brands
skin care and beauty products
body care products
highly durable stainless steel kitchenware
food supplements
hair care products
oral care products
body care products
water filtration systems
Weight loss programme
Power drink
shaving products
Income opportunities
Here at Amway, we believe that hard work deserves to be rewarded. Amway sales and marketing plan allows you to receive rewards not only for selling Amway products, but for providing customer service, personal performance and helping your partners to succeed.
Income simulator
Income from sales
You generate your first income by buying Amway products at an ABO discount and then selling them to customers for the catalog price.
Performance bonus
When you buy products for personal use and for selling them to customers, you get a chance to receive Rewards. Based on your efficiency, the monthly reward for your personal achievements will range from 3 to 21 % of your product turnover.
Long-term Amway business development
Help other ABOs become successful, and you will start receiving monthly and annual Leadership and Group Bonuses, as well as additional rewards for introducing your partners to Amway and providing them with regular information updates. The number of bonuses you receive, as well as your qualification, is determined by the number of points you've collected during the month.
Amway motivation programs
Active rebates
this program maintains the new ABOs' turnover at a stable level. You receive discounts for placing monthly orders that amount to a certain number of points.
Growth Incentive Program
this program features additional bonuses for ABOs of different levels, as well as a chance to go on exciting business trips around the world. To enjoy these benefits, you have to fulfill certain sales and business growth requirements.
Amway Kiosk
Contains all our catalogs, brochures, and printed and communication materials, which have been converted into an interactive format and are accessible anytime, anywhere!
Amway Income Simulator
helps create a model of your income, providing a clear example of how you will benefit from starting an Amway business.
Online solutions and digital technology
With the help of Amway websites you can sell products to clients, place orders for yourself and your partners, manage your business development, using electronic office and learn the latest news from the company.
Thanks to mobile and web apps Amway, all necessary information will be in your smartphone or tablette at any time.
Set ambitious targets, manage your online business and achieve success with Amway!
Informational support from the very first day of building a business
The Start! program has been developed especially for new Amway Business Owners. It will guide you during your first few months at Amway, providing you with information about our products and helpful business tips. The Start! program features a special website section and personal newsletters.
Amway Academy
Amway Academy offers every registered partner a free advanced education in online format. You will learn from famous experts and bloggers, complete different tasks, communicate, play, pass exams and obtain diplomas.
Amway Academy
Great service
Amway pays great attention to the customer service. In order to provide you with prompt responses to all your questions there are official terms and procedures on in the Company, which describe the responsibility of each employee and set the proper cooperation between the departments.
Mystery Caller
Every month the Mystery Caller research is held in the Single call center, and according to its results we develop the educational programs for the call center employees. We have similar research, called Mystery Shopper, for all Amway Centers. Amway is ready to provide your business with the high qualified support and wish you a pleasant shopping!
How to start your own business
with Amway
Want to start your own business? Interested in generating an income by selling Amway products, providing customers with service, and forming partnerships with other ABOs? Start your Amway business as a tax-registered ABO (IE or LLC)!
To do this, you will have to register with the Russian tax authorities, as well as follow these simple steps:
Sign up on Amway site
fill in the registration form
Sign an Agreement
download, print, and sign the ABO Agreement and the Service Contract with an IE or LLC
Send all documents to Amway
submit all the necessary documents to Amway to complete your registration and pay your registration fee which will be added by default into your first order.