Amway sales and marketing plan

Here at Amway, we believe that hard work deserves to be rewarded.

Amway sales and marketing plan allows you to receive rewards for selling Amway products and for introducing new people to the Amway business so that they can do the same: buy our products and sell them to clients, as well as provide customers with service.

Ways of generating income*

Income from sales


You generate your first income by buying Amway products at an ABO discount and then selling them to customers for the catalog price.


Performance bonus

When you buy products for personal use and for selling them to customers, you get a chance to receive Rewards. Based on your efficiency, the monthly reward for your personal achievements will range from 3 to 21 % of your product turnover. That is to say, the more you, your partners, and your customers buy and sell, the more your sales income is amplified.

Customer service bonus

You receive these bonuses based on the amount of Amway products bought by the customers that you have consulted.

Long-term Amway business development

Help other ABOs become successful, and you will start receiving monthly and annual Leadership and Group Bonuses, as well as additional rewards for introducing your partners to Amway and providing them with regular information updates. The number of bonuses you receive, as well as your qualification, is determined by the number of points you've collected during the month. Each product corresponds to a certain amount of points. The percentage of Bonuses you are to receive at the end of each calendar month reflects the total number of points that you and your group have accumulated by buying Amway products throughout this month.

By becoming an Amway Business Owner, you get an excellent opportunity to improve your professional competence and to acquire new skills and knowledge that will help you encourage others to become successful ABOs — thanks to the special materials brought to you by the Amway Academy Project.

Amway motivation programs

Active rebates

this program maintains the new ABOs' turnover at a stable level. You receive discounts for placing monthly orders that amount to a certain number of points.

Growth Incentive Program

this program features additional bonuses for ABOs of different levels, as well as a chance to go on exciting business trips around the world. To enjoy these benefits, you have to fulfill certain sales and business growth requirements.

* Only Amway Business Owners, who have sufficient business registration with the local state and tax authorities, are eligible to receive bonus and any income deriving from products selling.

Forms of cooperation with Amway

If you want your Amway business to bring you income, you must first select a form of cooperation and fill in all the necessary paperwork.
You can learn all about your options in the "How to become an ABO" section