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Have you ever earned a coin from a shop of household products (cleaning, laundry), bodycare products (shower gel, shampoo, tooth paste) or nutrition? Not a gift or a di5count, but real transfer you can spend wherever you wish? Guess not, especially if you don't like to be a salesman.
But where do you usually buy such goods? Guess in the shop next door.
Also I guess that a wire transfer to you for 1 000 USD a month would be enough to compensate buying in another shop, even if located not in the next block.

Certainly, if the brands from your present choice are more dear to you than 1 000 USD -- keep using them. It is up to you what to prefer.

But if 1000 USD is enough to revise your preferences -- please contact me at your earliest convenience. Earliest convenience is important, because the more you procrastinate the more reasons you will find to convince yourself not to do this. I'm sure most of the reasons will have nothing common with the approach me and my team can offer to you.

Thus please contact me if 1000 USD without sales is interesting to you.

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