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Good afternoon,

We appreciate Your interest to our webpage.

Let us provide You with the professional consulting on:

~ selection Amway products and services;
~ options of joining the Company on Your favorable terms;
~ opportunity of receiving bonuses and additional privileges from the Company;
~ establishing Your private company in business partnership with Amway.

For consulting and partnership, contact the most convenient way for You.

Nadezhda and Konstantin Klimenkov

Our news

21-12-2017Congratulations on Winter Holidays
Let us congratulate You with the upcoming winter holidays and wish You to make Your dreams come true, well-being and prosperity in the 2018th.

Nadezhda and Konstantin Klimenkov
14-11-2017Multifaceted Approach
In partnership with Artistry, we extended our competency and made our experts` consultations multifaceted:
~ Testing and identifying the type of Your skin
~ Your daily skincare
~ Your seasonal skin care
~ Your special skin care
~ Your image making
17-03-2017Professional Image Making
As a result of our qualifications upgrade throughout the Company training Professional Approach to Image Making we enriched our consultations with professional make up nuances for Your harmonious image.
04-03-2017Science-based and Effective Everyday Skincare
As a result of our qualifications upgrade throughout the copyright training Science-based and Effective Everyday Skincare we enriched our consultations for You with the Artistry Beauty Parlour international specialists` innovative scientific achievements and Russian dermatologist, cosmetologist and Doctor Habilitated A. Gont`s accurate and current experience.
08-02-2017Conference Luxury and Innovation with Artistry
Luxury and Innovation with Artistry Conference

At the conference Luxury and Innovation with Artistry in cooperation with leading experts we refined our consultations for You, as well as were introduced to innovative achievements in the sphere of skin care and personal image.
08-02-2017Conference Nutrilite 80 Years

At the Regional Conference Nutrilite 80 Years, we enriched our consultations with innovative knowledge and recommendations for You from the Head of the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department in State Science and Research Institute of Russian Acadamy of Medical Sciences, Doctor Habilitated, Isaakov V.A; the expert on dietology, Bastrigina Y.O.; masterchef and Russian Masterchefs Guild member, Semenov A.O.
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