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Amway offers high quality products for beauty, health and home care, as well as the opportunity to start their own business.

The uniqueness of the company's products Amway that they are needed in every home and task Independent Predprinimatel Amway to be competent consultants on products and business opportunities of the company. Waiting for You in our team.

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This page Amway business owners (ABOs) Kolesnikov Dmitry and Olga will help You to make purchases of goods Amway (Amway) on-line without leaving your home. shipping is done all over Russia:
We are constantly working to improve the quality of service to you and we are happy to announce that from April 15, 2015 Amway expands the zone of delivery of orders from 0 points for all of the areas listed below.
Shipping for 1 to 10 days depending on the region, the shipping cost from 180 to 1200 rubles.
Please check the list of cities and regions, which will now be fully covered extended delivery on orders of any amount of the order with the company's regional stores and delivery time in working days:
Regional Area
Belgorod region 2-3
Bryansk region 2-3
Vladimir region 1-2
Vologda oblast 2-3
Voronezh region 1-3
Ivanovo region 2-3
Kaluga region 1-2
Kirov region 4-7
Kostroma region 2-3
Kurskaya obl 2-3
Lipetsk region 2-3
Mari El Republic 7
Mordovia REP 3-4
Nizhny Novgorod region 1-2
Orenburg region 5-7
Orel region 2-3
The Penza region 2-3
Ryazan region 1-2
Samara region 3-5
Saratov region 3-5
Smolensk region 2-3
Tambov region 2-3
Tatarstan REP 3-5
Tverskaya obl 1-2
Tula region 1-2
Udmurtskaya resp 3-4
Chuvash region 3-5
Yaroslavl region 1-2
Ulyanovsk region 2-3
The St. Petersburg store
Novgorod region 2-3
The Karelia Republic 4-5
Murmansk region 4-5
Pskovskaya obl 2-3
Rostov store:
The Adygeya resp 3-4
Astrakhan region 3-4
Volgograd region 1-3
Dagestan resp 4-5
Ingushetia Republic 4-5
Kabardino-Balkarian Republic 4-5
Kalmykia Republic 4-6
Karachay-Cherkessia Republic 4
Krasnodar region 2-3
Northern Ossetia-Alania Republic of 4-5
Stavropol Krai 1-3
Chechen Republic 4-5
Novosibirsk store:
Altai Republic 2-3
Altai Krai 2-3
Buryatia Republic 6-7
Irkutsk region 4-7
Kemerovo region 2-3
Krasnoyarsk Krai 3-7
Omsk region 2-4
Tomsk region 1-3
The Tyva Republic 5-6
Khakassia Republic 5-6
Yekaterinburg store:
Bashkortostan resp 3-4
Kurgan region 2-3
Perm region 3-4
Tomsk region (Alexander (Mr.)5
Tyumen region 2-4
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district 4-5
Chelyabinsk region 2-4
Khabarovsk store:
Amur region 4-8
Primorsky Krai 3-5
Khabarovsk Krai 1-5
Range of costs, RUB/ Fee for collection and delivery of your order
up to 4.5 t. R / 180 rubles
4.5 t < 11T.p. /300 rubles
≥ 11 Tr< 20 Tr/450 rubles
≥ 20 Tr< 29,5 Tr/550 rubles
≥ 29,5 Tr< t.R./1200 rubles
≥ 101 t. R /for free

With Amway You in the plus:
lifting of the order to the door of the apartment;
the shipping cost is from 180 rubles (1.5 to 4.6% of the order value);
delivery is carried out in the working days from 9-00 till 22-00.
With Amway You save time:
don't stand in queues;
don't spend time on the road;
don't pay for Parking;
don't consume gasoline;
don't lift weights.
[/ B]Sincerely, Your Dmitry and Olga! [/ B]

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