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Amway offers high quality products for beauty, health and home care, as well as the opportunity to start their own business.
This page independent entrepreneurs Amway (Amway) Roman Shilov Natalia Rudenko and will help you to make purchases of goods Amway (Amway) on-line from the comfort of home.
We are constantly working to improve the quality of service to our and are pleased to inform you that since April 15, 2015 Amway expands the delivery zone of orders from 0 points in 69 regions of Russia and 56 regions Kazahstana.My provide 100% support to those who become our business partners !!

You pass the registration on the official website of Amway -Attention !!):

Option 1: (register as a )
from March 1, 2016 there is a new form of registration:
Free registration 15%;
Ability to place orders for Amway website;
Home delivery from one position;
Participation in special promotions from the company Amway;
Free extension of the contract;
The ability to purchase products in malls Amway (14 cities of Russia).

Option 2: (register as ANP)
Register as a Amway Independent Predrinimatelya:
-23% for the whole range;
The ability to generate additional and the development of Amway business;
Education in the Amway Academy;
Ability to place orders for Amway website;
Home delivery from one position;
The ability to purchase products in malls Amway (14 cities in Russia);
Participation in special promotions from the company Amway.

When registering as an Independent Predrinimatelya Amway, the first order will be added to the registration fee will automatically -1500 rubles, it is a prerequisite for registration: When placing the first order more than 50 points (about 5000 rubles) a of 500 rubles from the order.

The range of the cost of delivery to your home.
Fee for the assembly and delivery of the order for the PPA and :
to 6t.r / 180 rubles
6t.r. <11t.r. /300 rubles
TR ≥ 11 <20 TR / 450 rubles
≥ 20 tr <tr 29.5 / 550 rubles
≥ 29,5t.r. <101t.r. / 1200 rubles
≥ 101 tr / free
In some cities, delivery by 200B. is free!!!

With Amway you are always in the black:
the rise of the order to the (door) apartments - included in the;
Cost of delivery is 180 rubles.
Shipping is carried out from 9-00 to 22-00 working days.

With Amway you save time:

do not stand in line;
You do not spend time on the road;
You do not pay for parking;
not expend gasoline;
You do not lift weights.

registration number for Amway Independent Business # 6224554

Phone: 8-964-647-76-68; 8-925-158-03-37.
Regards Roman and Natalia.

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