Product Exchange/Return


If you want to exchange defective products, get the shortage or return excessive products, you can do it in the following ways:

  • By contacting your nearest Amway Center;

  • By calling the Unified Contact Center:

    • 8 (495) 981-40-00 for Moscow and Moscow region
    • (800) 100-90-00 for other regions of Russia.
    • The Unified Contact Center works 24/7.
  • Send an e-mail to
  • You will need the order number, article number, quantity, and box number to contact the Company. Attach photos of the defect, shortage and excess to your request to

When you contact the Amway Center, the Claim will be reviewed in your presence.

If you have contacted the Uniform Call Center or sent your claim by email, you will be contacted by a member of our staff and advised of the next steps as soon as the claim has been processed. This usually takes 2 business days.

If your claim is approved, you will be able to exchange products or receive a non-proposal at the nearest Amway Center or your next order.

If you did not send the order to the Company, but to your Contact, the replacement products will be included by default in your Contact's nearest Amway consolidated order

Please note

In case if within thirty days after the positive decision on your application you do not place the order personally, the Company will initiate the procedure of refund.


You can apply for a refund in the following ways:

  • at the Amway Center
  • from my personal cabinet (My Office - Orders - Order details)
  • to

Please download and fill out the Application form below if you are processing your Return by email.

You need good quality photos, which clearly show the defect due to which you want to return the goods.


The complaint form must be filled in and signed only by the direct buyer of the products.
If the products were damaged during delivery, it’s necessary to file a damaged cargo report together with the carrier and submit it to the Company as well. Failing that, the company may refuse to accept complaints.

Please note

In Amway Centers the return of goods is carried out by the direct purchaser of the products or by other persons acting on the basis of a power of attorney (a power of attorney in simple written form is required from the Customer, VIP Customer, VIP+ Customer and ABO registered as a sole proprietor; a power of attorney signed by the manager and stamped by the organization is required from the ABO registered as a legal entity. An original power of attorney is required).You must have a document proving your identity (passport of the Russian Federation).

Returns are made in accordance with the Amway Guarantee.

It is recommended to return the money in the same way you paid for this product. In the absence of the necessary bank card, a cash refund is possible.

When processing a refund using, if the order was paid with a bank card and you want to return the funds to that card - simply select the appropriate item on the claim form.
If you want to have the funds returned to your settlement account, please attach the full bank details:

  • name of the bank;
  • BIC of the bank;
  • ITN of the bank or the Amway partner if the details belong to an individual entrepreneur;
  • settlement account (20 digits, usually starting with 408…);
  • full name of the settlement account owner.

If you don’t have a settlement account, you can use the third-party settlement account. In this case, please state the owner of the settlement account in the line of the complaint form to transfer the refund to them.

If you made an order using your personal account or, you will be notified as soon as a decision has been made on your order

  • If you filed a refund via your personal account - in the Order details section;
  • If you contact - by email.

For durable goods a decision can be made within the period prescribed by the Consumer Rights Protection Law (30 calendar days).

Please note

Beauty and nutrition products of proper quality are not subject to return. Please be attentive when choosing the products and check the chosen items of your orders. As soon as the Customer has signed the receipt, no complaints will be handled.
After receiving a positive decision, deliver the products together with the documents to any Amway Center or send by courier service with "delivery to the door".
After receiving the returned product at the Amway Center and confirming that the return is in the system, a money transfer will be made to your current account within 5-7 business days.


Please note that during the refund procedure the points for the returned product are deducted. Adjustment of points is made in the current month if a refund is made before the 25th day of the month, and in the next month if the product is returned after the 25th day. In case of goods exchange the points are not corrected.
In case of product return for the amount equal to or exceeding 600 points (made on the basis of the decision of the department on work with ABO) recalculation of the Fee is made in the month of purchase of this product. Any Rewards, Incentives or awards paid based on such purchases will be adjusted accordingly.

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