iCook™ 4L Stock pot,  steamer insert, a double-boiler insertiCook™ 4L Stock pot,  steamer insert, a double-boiler insert
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iCook™ 4L Stock pot, steamer insert, a double-boiler insert

SKU: 101085| Size: 4 pieces
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    iCook 4L Stock pot, steamer insert, a double-boiler insert are available separately from the Basic set!

    4 L Stock Pot is ideal for soups, meat, fish, vegetables, etc. It can be easily transferred into a steamer by putting a double-boiler insert (with and without holes) into the pot. It can be used for cooking on “water bath”, what is appropriate, for example, for puddings, sauces, noodles or eggs. The insert without holes can be also used as a serving dish or a tray. 

    iCook cookware have some unique exclusive technologies:

    •  Low moisture cooking method VITALOKTM. The VITALOK Cooking Method forms a water seal between the lid and pan that allows meats, fruits and vegetables to baste in their own natural oils and juices, locking in more natural flavours and valuable nutrients, while preserving colour and texture.
    • The fully encapsulated bottom OPTITEMP for the heat distributed over the entire bottom of the sauce pan.
    • New improved design of handles and knobs.

    Steamed food is considered to be very healthy as it is not exposed to high temperatures, so the products keep much more vitamins and other nutrients. Furthermore, steaming does not lead to the formation of hazardous compounds – carcinogens. Products retain their natural color and form, what makes them look more tempting. 

    Ability to eat delicious and healthy food which keeps all its nutrients due to VITALOK method: as a result of a water lock between the pot and the lid, meat, vegetables and fruit are cooked in their own juice. They retain not only their flavor and nutrients but also the color and consistency. 

    • Compatibility with other iCook products – the ability to use a multilevel cooking method in conjunction with the Junior Dome lid from iCook Starter set. 
    • Ergonomically designed and heat-stable handles and holders.


    Stainless steel (18/8 or 18/10), aluminium

    For best results with iCook it is important to use only little or medium heat. Please always start with medium heat to form the water seal then turn the heat to low.

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