AMWAY HOME™ SA8™ Baby LiquidAMWAY HOME™ SA8™ Baby Liquid
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AMWAY HOME™ SA8™ Baby Liquid

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The SA8™ Baby Liquid is a liquid laundry detergent that delivers powerful stain removing performance which leaves fabrics clean and soft after use. This Pediatric Approved formula was specifically developed for use on Baby clothing; it is free from dyes and optical brighteners, and contains Aloe Vera. It combines biodegradable surfactants and enzymes, and a softening agent based on natural origins to effectively remove tough stains and dirt while leaving clothing soft*. This liquid laundry detergent is also gentle to fabrics and colors. Effective between 15’C – 70’C, it is the perfect choice for both cool and hot water washing.  

  • Approved by pediatricians
  • Recommended for children from the first days of life
  • Makes the clothes clean and soft
  • Protects fabric from fading
  • Rinses out without leaving residue that can cause irritation to sensitive skin
  • Contains no dyes,chlorine and optical brighteners
  • Surface Active Agents = ‘Surfactants’

Readily biodegradable cleansing ingredients were chosen for this formula which lower the surface tension between two liquids or a liquid and a solid, allowing them to remove soils and residues from clothing.

  • Enzymes 

Formula contains both protease and amylase enzymes. Enzymes increase the efficacy of a detergent because they catalyse (or speed-up) the cleansing reaction time by lowering the energy required to perform a cleaning action. Protease enzymes break up protein stains/soils by breaking their long chain-like structures into smaller segments (peptides and amino acids). Amylase enzymes act in a similar way, but target stains from starches, breaking the longer molecules into smaller segments. 

  • Coconut Fatty Acid

This naturally-derived ingredient works as a softening agent.

30 ml (1 + ½ capful) for normal soil and medium hardness. You need less for light soil and low hardness (20 ml = 1 capful) and a little more for heavy soil and high hardness (40 ml). For a hand wash use 5 ml (1/4 capful) per 10 litres of water.

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