AMWAY HOME™ "100 perfect "Turn-key" laundry" setAMWAY HOME™ "100 perfect "Turn-key" laundry" set
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AMWAY HOME™ "100 perfect "Turn-key" laundry" set

SKU: 303255| Size: 1 set
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100 perfect “Turn-key” laundry 

Crystal clean clothes with freshness scent – less spent energy, water and electricity.

Perfect cleanliness and care for the color and structure of fabrics.

Set includes:

  • SA8™ Concentrated liquid laundry Detergent, 1L (2 pcs.);
  • SA8™ PreWash Spray, 400ml;
  • SA8™ Universal bleach for all types of fabrics, 1kg;
  • SA8™ Concentrated fabric conditioner "Alpine meadows", 1L.

SA8™ Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent

• Superior washing ability even in cold water;
• Preserves color and fabric structure.

SA8™ PreWash spray

• Removes greasy stains on cuffs and collars
• Relieve from the necessity of launder
• Simply in use – just spray

SA8™ All fabric bleach

• Removes tea and coffee, juice and other stains;
• Does not damage structure and color of fabrics, chlorine-free.

SA8™ Concentrated conditioner for linen "Alpine meadows"

• Softens fabric fibers;
• Simplifies ironing;
• Removes static electricity.

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