AMWAY HOME™ "Smart approach to cleanliness" setAMWAY HOME™ "Smart approach to cleanliness" set
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AMWAY HOME™ "Smart approach to cleanliness" set

SKU: 303256| Size: 1 set
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Set includes:

  • Amway Home™ DISH DROPS Dishwashing liquid, 1L;
  • Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Multi-purpose cleaner, 1L;
  • AMWAY™ Gel for ovens, 500 ml.

Amway Home™ DISH DROPS™ 

• It dissolves fat even in cold water, protects hands skin with the help of aloe vera extract and perilla;
• Unique patented formula - 90% of ingredients of natural origin;
• Safer ingridients - suitable for washing children's dishes (0+), vegetables and fruits. Wash off without residue!

Amway Home™ L.O.C.™ Multi-purpose cleaner

• Combines exceptional performance and natural ingredients;
• Legendary product - on sale since 1959;
• Allowed for cleaning in homes with small children (0+).

AMWAY™ Gel for ovens 

• Suitable for cleaning gas and electric ovens with enameled walls, grill grates, barbecue grills;
• Simple in use - apply, wait and wipe;
• Thick gel does not scratch the surface being cleaned;
• Special brush included.

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