AMWAY™ GREEN MEADOWS™ Air Freshener ConcentrateAMWAY™ GREEN MEADOWS™ Air Freshener Concentrate
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AMWAY™ GREEN MEADOWS™ Air Freshener Concentrate

SKU: 8193| Size: 150 ml
    • Catalogue price: 465.00 RUB

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    A concentrated air freshener with NEUTRALODOR™, that neutralises and eliminates offensive household odours. The country fragrance of Green Meadows evokes a springtime meadow.

    • A delightful fragrance of GREEN MEADOWS
    • Contains NEUTRALODOR®
    • Concentrated aerosol
    • A quick spray is all you need to give your room the country-crisp fragrance of a springtime meadow
    • A unique deodorizer ingredient that neutralizes offensive household odors
    • One quick spray eliminates most household odors.

    Ethanol, Isobutene, propane, fragrances.

    No need to saturate the room with aerosol. Eliminates even strong aromas like fish, tobacco, smoke, and cabbage. It is especially helpful for cleaning odors from smoke-filled rooms and musty closets. Concentrated, just one quick spray

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